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May 2005

Location: … On the road again. Birthday celebrations in Dallas.

It’s rare for me to see a movie that really throws me for a loop, but the other night I had a chance to see ‘Crash’ with Don Cheadle and Sandra Bullock. I’ve admired Bullock’s work since 28 Days, in which she plays a very convincing alcoholic making a last-ditch effort to sober up in a rehab facility. She’s not her usual upbeat, perky, romantic-comedy character in this film, but does display her acting chops a bit more than usual.

Don Cheadle is FANTASTIC as always, hopefully garnering another Oscar nomination for this film (and deservedly winning this time around. I thought he got robbed last year).

The movie as a whole is an ensemble piece. If you haven’t had a chance to get out and see it, make some time and do so. It’s not only one of the best movies of 2005, but IMO it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past 10 years. Solid filmmaking, plain and simple.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged into some juicy bits of gossip, so here’s a smattering of some of the more interesting tid-bits I’ve heard:

WHICH popular television series had to add a week to its production schedule because one of its stars was abusing laxatives to become increasingly skinny and needed a potty break every 20 minutes or so? …

WHICH well-known ‘exclusive-lifetime’ gay porn god is suddenly single and said to enjoy getting it less than safe from strangers online? He’s been openly seen fucking with latex on his webcam when he was coupled, but now single and ready to mingle, this muscled-up bottom-boy-in-private likes to take things a bit more raw.

WHAT wordy escort on HooBoy’s Male4Male Escort Message Center does double-time when throwing in his two cents? This prince of posting usually sticks to the facts under his well-recognized moniker, but also enjoys tearing into fellow escorts (as well as other posters) with his other alias. Not that that’s anything new…

WHICH popular ‘gay-for-pay’ website owner is holding out on paying his models? This very trafficked site is heavy on pretty boys and muscles, but definitely not for long: The owner keeps all of the profits for himself while slacking off on his designers, webmaster and models.

HOW can a well-known television host hide his mug when hiring hotties for hung action? Simple: Just wear a mask! This TV host goes Lone Ranger when scamming for paid penis and thinks his boys don’t recognize his youthful good looks, bleached-out locks and shiny-white choppers. While he went full-face for his recent ‘starring’ on the sidewalk, he’s always looking for a Kato to his Green Hornet in the bedroom.

Another super big thanks to’s owner for sending me some A+ samples of the DVD’s he’s offering on his site. Their ‘Eurocreme’ series are some of the hottest flicks I’ve seen and the formula for each is a winning combo IMO: georgeous, nicely-muscled guys, huge cocks and fucking that actually looks good and not Falcon-ish (aka, plastic). If you haven’t had a chance to browse, here’s a snippet of their errection-inducing vid reviews:

… Thankfully the sex starts up quite soon as Jay stops dancing wierdly and starts writing a little journal and tellin’ us a story about how his friend Cameron (INSTA-SPLOOGE!) shows up at Michael’s house for a little photo session. Now we’re talking. Photog Michael has Cameron strip and pose in the studio and simply can’t take it any more, throwing the camera aside and burying his face between Cameron’s flawless ass cheeks to eat out his hot hole for awhile. It’s kinda like Hollywood, where if you wanna do well in front of the camera you gotta give up some o’ dat ass. And Cameron doesn’t seem to mind at all as Michael rims that tight pucker of his like it was the last hot Euro boy butthole on earth. When you see this video, with Cameron teasing the camera and stripping down naked, you’ll wish with all your might that you were in Michael’s place and eatin’ out that hole as well. As Michael then spins Cameron around to swallow his stiff rod, cutie boy Steve Mitchell shows up at the studio. No one in their right mind would turn away from the site he sees before him, so he immediately jumps in to the fray and whips his dick out so that Michael can suck on Cameron and Steve at the same time.

What a lucky bastard Michael is, 2 insanely gorgeous blond beauties standing before him, their hard, dripping cocks fighting to plug his mouth. And he’s only gonna get luckier! Pretty soon he’s bent over, taking Steve’s big cock up his hole raw and deep on one end and swallowing Cameron’s cock down his throat at the other. Doing his best impression of a pig at a luau, Michael’s taking every inch of cock he can get in to both his holes and we, the viewers, are the most jealous bastards on the face of the planet right about now. The director does his best to keep us from feeling too left out, though, giving us some hot closeups of Euro boy cock slidin in to Euro boy hole deep and hard, pulling out all the way before plunging back in to a hungry, winking asshole. The live sound definitely is a plus, as well, as we can hear every splish and splash and moan and groan as if we were right in the middle of it all ourselves. Pretty soon, we’re treated to the awesome site of Cameron having his turn at being a bottom and taking Steve’s big dick up that pretty ass of his, and it sure as hell doesn’t disappoint!

… Okay. I’m pretty solid now just posting that 🙂 WHOOHOO!

Keep in mind that most features on are free, so head on over and read the collection of reviews for yourself. Penthouse Forum ain’t got shit on this place. *wink*

Safe travel thoughts go out to fellow escort Jason Carter, who’s currently working his way through the Lone Star State. I had the opportunity to meet with Jason at last year’s HustlaBall and found him to be quite an impressive young guy: A great head on his shoulders and if his M4M reviews have anything to say about it, a great head below his shoulders as well. Combine that with handsome good looks, a killer bod and a great sex-drive and you’ve got a real winner…

So… I’m a sucker for spending hours & hours browsing books at Barnes & Noble. It’s an affliction, I’ve admitted my problem and once there’s medication for it, I’ll be alright. I ended up reading through a really interesting new book for those who are interested in the history of the musical: Broadway Musicals, The 101 Greatest Shows of All Time (by Ken Bloom). Tres-gay, I know, but entertaining and an overall great read. If anyone out there is a purist when it comes to the American musical, I highly suggest picking up a copy. It’s got good flow and offers a real insiders look at what it was like to be inside of each show.

And speaking of musicals… I’m really grooving over the fact that they’ve finally got a final cast for the film version of ‘Dreamgirls
.’ From what I’ve heard, it’s looking like Beyonce, Jaime Foxx, Usher and possibly Eddie Murphy. Murphy is still holding out for more money, but seemingly producers will get him on-board in the coming week. They’ve still yet to cast an ‘Effie’ for the film and are wanting an ‘unknown’ to fill the lead character’s shoes. Interesting.

Finishing touches are being put on The Producers movie-musical, starring Matthew Broaderick, Nathan Lane and Uma Thurman. While I didn’t think that Thurman was inspired casting (Nicole Kidman originally dropped the role at the last minute), I’m more than sure that the tag-team of Lane & Broaderick will save the film. Look for this movie to hit theatres just in time for Christmas. Also look for Broaderick and Lane to star in a redux of ‘The Odd Couple’ on Broadway later this year.

This week I’ve got two websites to feature. One is the traditional WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK and the other is an artist I came across on the web, found interesting (and cute to boot) then started working with for new upcoming images.

Let’s start with the whack-attack material: …. This link will take you to a vid of one hot young guy, flexing some very well-defined muscles. For you body worshippers out there, this is definitely the site and preview video for you. A fantastic video and a really, REALLY hot dude. Oh yea, if you enjoy getting personal with your masterbatory material, his name is Marcel. Ooh-la-la! … He’s got a good sense of humor, he’s hot and he’s insanely creative. What more could you want from a website, much less a guy? Well, some skin pics would be nice, but I suppose that’s wishful thinking. David’s site is packed with his artwork, photography and he’s even done some photo work for me, which will soon be up on and my Groups site. His jack-of-all trades attitude makes him a formidable business entity, while his sense of humor and creativity keep his ideas new & fresh. He’s a young guy with a very bright future. The pic above is one of his many creations. Very cool indeed and his ability for manipulation can create some really awesome abstracts…

A hawk-eyed reader from Boston sent in this link to Matt Rush’s Big Muscle profile the other day. I thought some of the pics were pretty good, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:;=newsearchresults.phtml&ls;=0&cnt;=3&ss;=1

… and moving along…

Being in London a couple of weeks ago reminded me of an experience I had in a UK bathhouse awhile back when visiting a friend in Earls Court. We headed over to Chariots I (a large bath in central London) after a rather short night at Heaven (a popular dance club). This was my first experience in a British sauna, so I wasn’t sure if things functioned the same way as they did in the states: Pay for a room up-front, get a towel, find your room and play away. Seems that this place didn’t have private rooms, so you just snagged a locker and got into a towel. I, in typical fashion, decided to be a little different and wear some AussieBums instead 😉

The place was huge. Three floors with intricate wet facilities. It wasn’t quite SteamWorks in Chicago (a really kickass place to play), but they did have a good theme going in the place (think Fellini’s Satyricon-meets-International Mister Leather). The lads walking around were youngish and ethnically diverse. Dark rooms galore mixed well with a Roman-style indoor pool, while a dark maze rounded out the second floor. Video rooms, sauna and steam also added to the mix. A couple of the open rooms upstairs had bars laid into the walls so you can sneak a peek at what’s happening next door. That was definitely hot. I’m a total exhibitionist, so getting the chance to slick down and jack off for a crowd is always a good thing…

I also witnessed some HOT HOT HOT action, with a very young looking guy who had possibly the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. I shit you not, it must have been a foot long and rock hard. I don’t know how this kid was walking straight with all of that blood rushing into his dick, but he was. He walked around the place naked, an obvious ad for any willing bottom looking to get the fucking of his life. He came closer to me, brushing his schlong against my thigh, but I was much more into watching him fornicate than be a willing participant. Eventually he found a well-muscled guy with a beautiful bubble-butt to join him. They dissapeared into a room, but he left the door cracked open with a brief smirk back at me. I wasted no time in joining the program. I got into the small room, seeing they were already engaged in mutual cock worship and decided it best for me to stick to the corner and simply enjoy the show.

That guy got fucked six ways from Sunday. While it began pro-latex, things ended up going bareback between the two with me still watching greedily from the sidelines, all the while trying not to blow my load too quickly. I’ve never witnessed a bottom take such a large dick so well. What was especially nice was the rhytym the two got into and watching his veiny and thick cock slam into what looked to be a very tight bottom. If I had a camera that night I probably could have turned the whole thing into a pretty good website. *grin*

Things ended with the bottom getting fucked to orgasm (a hands-free one I might add), the top getting his nut while still fucking the bottom and me happily cumming on the two guys while standing over them. Things ended on a nice (and hot) note. The sperm bank was now closed.

I suppose from here it only makes sense to tantalize even more with this week’s EYE CANDY collection. I’m also starting to post EC’s on my Groups site in the image section for those who have missed some of the past action. I think that this week’s collection of guys is pretty damn perfect. Thanks to my Key West connection for sending over some real stunners:

I’m gearing up for a summer of intense travel, but if anyone out there wants to email some suggestions for future editions of ‘15 Minutes,’ please feel free anytime. I’m definitely open to new things and am always looking for something interesting to share. For the time being, I’m keeping the format of this blog as pure entertainment interspersed with a travelogue-ish feel. You can also count on the Eye Candy to stick around, as well as the periodic gossip infotainment. My coming ‘netzine of ‘15 Minutes’ was recently registered on the net and design has begun! I’m excited to add more functionality to this blog and making it a standalone site will not only increase visual appeal, but also give me the ability to offer more. As with all of my sites, it will remain free. That’s never going to change.

Until next time kids: Thanks for tuning into your 15. My readership is at an all-time high and I cannot thank you guys enough for coming back for a weekly dose of what’s cooking. It’s still an incredible high to put this whole thing together. Looking to the future, I can definitely say without hesitation that my own 15 minutes is far from over.

I’m only getting warmed up 😉

‘Tickets, Money, Passport!’