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April 2005

Location: Las Vegas is history… Just home from Palm Springs.

So I know everyone is thinking that at this point I should just go ahead and buy one of those horribly overpriced timeshares in Vegas due to me being there so damned much. While I used to privately complain about getting into Sin City so much, I’ve now embraced the love that dare not speak it’s name. Las Vegas ain’t so bad… Just as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

This last trip was a real doozie (in a good way mind you), with me finally getting to meet fellow Orlando escort Adrian (of DoubleTheTrouble ‘Adrian & Blake’ fame). While it’s not uncommon for me to deal with more than one in the bedroom, I must say that Adrian brings quite a bit to the table, which makes for a VERY stimulating time, both in-between and outside of the sheets. More details about impending naughty-ness below, but for now, let’s start at the beginning:

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The epic begins…

We headed out to catch some dinner at CraftSteak in MGM the first night. Always a solid restaurant if you’re looking for a good piece of meat (ahem) and a really great waitstaff. Afterwards, we frequented NY-NY and caught the late show of Cirque’s Zumanity. It’s possibly my favorite show in Vegas and the cast was on fire the night we were there. They had a really fantastic audience as well. I have a couple of friends in the cast, so we all spent the performance tormenting eachother: Me from the audience and them onstage, throwing me funny faces & smiles throughout the show. If you haven’t seen Zumanity yet, it’s one of the most erotic and beautiful shows on the strip. Definitely a great primer for an evening of naughty fun. Highly recommended whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere in-between.

The second day we picked up Adrian at McCarren, who was flying in on an ungodly early flight from Orlando. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect looks-wise, as most escorts (and pornstars for that matter) I’ve met in person look nothing or very little like their pictures. The moment I saw this strapping young guy coming down the escalator, I knew it was Adrian: Well-built, a fantastic smile, tanned, smooth skin and even more handsome than his images. Added, he’s an intellect and can converse on just about anything: I was getting chubby just talking to him. *grin*

The pinnacle of the trip was later that evening, as we had some pretty killer seats to Elton John at Caesars. Who gives a crap about Celine when you’ve got talent like EJ’s onstage? Holy cow… that man can entertain a crowd. I don’t think the audience stopped clapping throughout the entire show. While I would have liked the show to go on a bit longer (1.5 hours is not enough for what they were charging for these tix), John did run the gambit of his song catalog. I almost wet myself when I heard the opening chords to ‘Pinball Wizard.’

The production value of the show was minimal, but effective. He used mostly inflatable props and scenery to accent what song he was singing. Along with a LCD screen that spans the stage, it was basically just EJ, his band and a red piano. Simple and just. When you’ve got that much talent, you don’t need to fly through the air or have 75 backup dancers behind you. *cringe*

Yup, the show rocked. I was on a EJ high and also looking foward to going back to the hotel and snogging a bit with my company. After a bit of talking, a bit of Jacuzzing and the loss of much innocent clothing, things were headed in the right direction. Outside of any other comment, I will mention that Adrian is most passionate in the bedroom. We didn’t venture into anal-anything, but by the end of the night Adrian closely resembled a sperm bank. I would have taken a picture, but knew it would be next-to-impossible to explain how stalagmites of cum got wedged into the autofocus sensor of the digital cam. Not cool. I’m not sure that the Nikon repair guys are equipped for that sort of issue.

Vegas flew by and I was soon back to McCarren to fly home to SA for a night. Lately I’ve been skimping on sleep, as clothes washing and packing ensues to all hours of the night, so naps on planes have become my national pastime. I’ve basically turned into a senior citizen: I sleep 4-5 hours a night, peak at around 10 am and then take a snooze in the afternooon. LOL. Now all I need is to move the use of Preparation H from around my eyes to my ass and I’ll have completed the circle of life.

Admittedly, the thought of an AARP discount and handicap parking pass dance dream-like through my head. If only… *sigh*

I finally broke down and bought an iPod mini. After having it now for about a month, I honestly wonder how I’ve gone so long without one. They’re AMAZING. Compact, easy-to-use, no skipping and it takes bumps & bruises pretty well. This little thing is made to last. It’s made my workouts more productive and passes time much more comfortably on planes. Sound quality on the mini rocks my world. Why did it take me this long to buy one? Price mainly. I knew they would come down in price eventually, as Apple is famous for undercutting their competition on accessories. Sure enough, it recently came down to under $200 and I snagged one faster than Delta Burke at a cheesecake conference.

… And speaking of Burke: I’ve heard good things about her performance in Broadway’s current-running Steel Magnolias. An amazing movie, but a much better play if cast correctly. From the looks of things, I think they’ve got a winner, with a most diverse group of talented actresses. I’m especially wondering about the mother-daughter relationship in the show of Christine Ebersole and Rebecca Gayheart. You might remember Gayheart as the B-list celeb who ran over (and killed) a child about a year or so ago. How she got off the hook is beyond me. Martha steals a measly $40k and she gets time and a new fashion accessory. Gayheart plays bumpercars with someone’s head and she gets a Broadway show.

There ain’t no justice… The whole world’s gone lowbrow.

Exciting news for me as I begin to draft a book in the coming weeks. I’ve decided to put my writing skills to use and see what happens. I’ll keep everyone informed, but for now it’s been pretty freeform in design. I do know one thing: I will continue to be aware and careful of any sensitive info I’ve been trusted with while escorting. I’m not looking to write for Star magazine here. I simply want to keep things light & breezy, while keeping honest. Much like this blog, but unfortunately without the eye candy. Argh.

Got an email from syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage the other day, asking to possibly write something for his site. I was elated! I’ve been reading Savage Love for awhile now and have always considered him quite an impressive writer. Getting the chance to write something for him and have it published would make me happier than a pig in shit. I’ve yet to email him back due to all of this traveling around, but it’s definitely at the tip-top of my short list 🙂

It was a real bitch getting him through customs…

Also recieved my first shipment from DTJocks, an online Australian underwear company. While a bit expensive for what they offer, I do like th
eir style and think they come pretty darn close to matching the quality & hotness factor of AussieBums. It did, however, take a bit of time for them to ship (1 mo). I almost forgot I had ordered them in the first place.

…. Okay, back to places & people. My next stop on the ‘Benjamin Nicholas World Fellatio Tour’ was to beautiful Palm Springs to stay & play at El Mirasol Gay Resort and catch a viewing of the Follies downtown. While El Mirasol was a bit quiet, I did have a chance to cavort on the grounds a bit. Memories created, a horse-hung partner and I found new uses for baby oil I had never thought of before. The weather was picture-perfect, which made the whole ‘clothing optional’ situation so very appealing. Gotta admit: I got a raging hard-on just walking around naked, so I decided to throw on some of my new undies from DTJocks and make some sort of attempt to be civil. Luckily, the boys who were also staying & playing were complimentary on the briefs and I (and my ass) suddenly became a walking billboard for Australian underwear.

The Palm Springs Follies are in their 14th year and more amazing than ever. If you aren’t familiar with the purpose of the show, hit their website. These very talented performers put on one helluva show, with total running time just a little over 3 hours. Big compliments to producer/founder Riff Markowitz for a fall-down-funny stand up routine. If you were a fan of Don Rickles, then you’re going to love Markowitz. He’s fantastic. Abusive comedy. Gotta love it.

How could I go for so long without EYE CANDY? The Gods must be crazy:

Apologies if this ‘15 Minutes’ sounds a little… well…. Tired. I’m working on 4 hours of sleep, still have mounds of email to get through and need to be up early for a flight tomorrow AM. I know this isn’t my best blog to date, but I still appreciate everyone hanging in there anyway. I do plan on posting up some additional thoughts this coming weekend, which will hopefully be a bit more witty.

Currently, I feel about as creative as an hospital extra in Robin Williams’s ‘Awakenings.’

Until we meet again…. Say goodnight Gracie

BN 😉