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April 2005

I’m overwhelmed at the outpouring of prayers, support, email and love i’ve recieved for both my family and myself. Thank you, everyone, for making me a whole lot more conscious of how many people out there have most amazingly huge hearts…

I can’t properly convey my emotions in words alone: Thank you. So, so very much. The support i’ve gotten this past week has been incredible and i feel so much stronger knowing that i’ve got such amazing people behind me.

Besides the hospital, i had to take care of something family-related in Key West this past weekend. I plan on a full blog going online sometime in the coming few days: I’ve got a flight to London tomorrow evening and will get on top of things again (ahem) when i’m situated. While i don’t want to harp on what’s bad in my life, i will definitely give a small update as to how my mum is doing. Otherwise, expect things to return to normal around here.

Super-Big hugs go out to: Jimmy, Chuck, Jamie, Bravo Zulu, Ric, Adrian of Orlando and Bobby Lane in Vegas. Thank you guys for letting me know you’ve got my back. It’s more appreciated than you can possibly know…

Until we chat from across the pond~