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February 2005

Location: A break in San Antonio today… Rio & Carnival tomorrow

I snapped some new shots with my craptastic webcam perched atop my machine the other day. They didn’t come out too badly and for those who are always emailing and saying ‘why don’t you smile in any of your pics,’ here’s one just for y’all:

I wanted to start off this blog by giving another fellow escort (and truly great guy) Rick Munroe a plug regarding his own new writing sensation online: The Munroe Monument! It’s his venture into the blogging world and from the first two entries, it’s pretty engaging. Rick’s writing style compliments those who enjoy a nice combo of wit, eroticism and diverse topics. I think it’s going to really take off in the near future and wanted all ’15 Minutes’ readers to get the heads-up on this trendstarting new blog. Congrats Rick… We’ll definitely be watching ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember me? When i get excited i pee… Everywhere.

Thankfully most of my place is tiled and she doesn’t do too much damage. I’m still figuring out how to potty-train my mutt. Luckily, she’s getting more socially inclined, has stopped shaking and is one helluva energetic dog. Everyone seems to have a sugestion on how to train her, but one thing’s for sure: She’s got personality and will probably end up doing things on her own schedule… That is, unless she takes a leak on any of my home theatre equipment, and then she’s headed straight for the doggie bootcamp. *arches eyebrow* DUM DUM DUM!

For the first time in all of my travels, a bag of mine was permanently lost on Continental Airlines. Not just ‘sorry sir, your bag was rerouted to Swahili and should be back in San Antonio sometime this year,’ but G-O-N-E. It vanished off the face of Houston’s Bush Intercontinental and probably went to the same place that all of the missing socks from the dryer go. So now i’m stuck with filling out claims forms, trying to remember everything that was in the bag, along with its value. Anyone else go through this? Email me and let me know what to expect from here: I’ve sent everything out to CO and am now wondering about protocol. Do they just cut me a check? Will Continental’s CEO Larry Kellner come to my pad and personally apologize while bowing slightly? Should i be putting in a call to Miss Cleo to find out where the hell my luggage went? So many questions… So little medication.

Thanks to powers-that-be in LA for offering to hook me up with official Oscar Awards merchandise and replace my lost ‘favorite cap.’ I appreciate the gesture. Would it be too much to ask for one of the golden statues? Just give me one with Meryl Streep’s name on it, as we all know she’s never going to take one home. She’s the Susan Lucci of film. Granted, she’s amazingly talented, but there’s always been someone there to steal her thunder. I was expecting a bloodbath when Catherine Zeta-Jones won for ‘Chicago’ over Streep’s nomination. Can you imagine a catfight between those two, much less televised at the Oscars? Good times.

Papa, can you hear me?

Okay, so someone let me know that Cher (yes, the fantastic-and-plastic one) is still touring the country with her ‘Farewell’ tour, which was recently in Salt Lake City. Her opening act? The Village People…

This concert is just too gay to function. Cher AND The Village People? I can almost hear Jerry Falwell and his mignions painting the protest signage as i type. Would someone tell Cher that only The Rolling Stones have the distinct privillege of having such an extended retirement tour. The Stones have now ‘retired’, what, say 4…. 5 times? I suppose that whenever Ron Wood needs to replace the booze in his system with real bood, they go back out on tour to fund the procedure. In regards to Cher, it’s absolutely amazing that this tour has now lasted nearly 3 years and she’s still moving & grooving for sellout crowds. She’s single-handedly keeping Bob Mackie in business…

I got this link in my email the other day and knew i had to share it with everyone. Whether the appendage in question is real or not remains to be seen, but it sure is an engaging video:

I don’t think it’s real. Even with Viagara, he wouldn’t be that rigid. No way. It is, however, a nice thought and a well-done hoax ๐Ÿ™‚

‘Page Six’ who? We’ve got the juiciest CELEB BLIND ITEMS right here:

*Which hunky actor with a famous new girlfriend has been secretly sleeping with a recently divorced actress who herself has a new man? The cheaters are said to have a raging cocaine habit in common*

*Which younger leading lady was falling-down drunk after a movie premiere a while back? Nothing unusual there, except that, doing the math, she would have been more than two months pregnant at the time*

*Which young Hollywood couple has an open relationship? The guy โ€” who has money but no career โ€” likes to be seen with the actress for the publicity. And she stays with him because he supplies her with high-grade cocaine. They both cheat on each other but make nice for the camerasโ€ฆ*

… and now for the ESCORT BLIND ITEMS of the week:

*What Southern-based escort was recently overheard while drunkenly slurring he ‘hated’ the industry, ‘wishes he didn’t have to do it’ and ‘fakes the hell out of his guys’ for money, reviews and respect. This kid may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but his reputation is growing positively, while his personal feelings are quite the contrary*

*This Brazillian Bombshell was reportedly retired, but soon popped-up again stateside and is now gladly accepting appointments. Rumor has it that a personal business back home flopped with family-based embezzlement to blame. Now he’s back to the World’s Oldest Profession and making many of his former clients VERY happy*

I’ve found a new & interesting photosite (free of course) and wated to share it with everyone as this week’s WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK: It’s a personal images folder on an Epson Photocenter website that’s got some really, really great pics. The variety is fantastic, the site is free and it’s seemingly updated pretty frequently. Click HERE for the site and enjoy the view. I most certainly did. Over… and over…. and over. *grin*

On that note, let’s segway into some EYE CANDY. I’ve got quite a group of prime manmeat this week. Wow~ Suddenly i feel like some sort of gay butcher…

So, i guess you’re looking for a little more EC this week, right?

Well, don’t say i never did anything nice for you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here it is… Fresh from my machine to the stirring in your pants:

Thanks again to my Key West connection for shooting over most of these HOT images, along with CorbinFisher,, JuicyGoo, DudesOffCampus and RateMySchlong. For future editions of EYE CANDY, i’m definitely open to new looks and other hot guys, so if you’ve got a particular look you like, EMAIL ME and let me know. I’m an equal-opportunity jacker when it comes to my pornscapades. *wink*

Tomorrow (or later today technically) i’m leaving for Rio, but should have a pretty reliable net connection. I may be a little slow on the uptake, but please be patient and i’ll be sure to get back to anyone who’s emailed ASAP. My flight is taking me through Sao Paulo, so getting there will be a little more of an adventure this time. I am, though, looking foward to being in the middle of the most wild party on earth: Carnival! I’ll have my trusty digicam with me and promise to snap lots of stuff to show & share here on ’15 Minutes’ next week. I may even slide my cameraphone into the saunas and give y’all a little sneaky-peaky to get the party going. While i’m not sure what’s all going to happen, i guarantee i’m going to be naked 60% of the time. lol. When i’m clothed, you can bet i’ll be only donning a pair of tiny Speedos. God love the Brazillians and their taste in swimgear… YEOWZA!

From Rio it’s back to Vegas for a week: I’ll post something up if i have room to take additional appointments. For now, i’m booked exclusively, although shooting me an email with your interest wouldn’t hurt. The MAGIC convention (fashion & clothing show) will be in Vegas about that time, so i’m more than sure they’ll be no shortage of gay-dom on the strip. My galpal and current blog-reader Anna Nicole Smith will be on hand to promote her new clothing line with Von Dutch. WHOOHOO! I’m sure she’ll steal the show somehow.

Look for Benjamin Nicholas to pop up on in the near future. I’m working on putting ’15 Minutes’ onto their site, as well as possibly starting a weekly Q&A; feature about the industry, sex-in-general and other lube-drenched ideas. It’s a really great site for newbies to get up-to-date info on getting into the industry, as well as current sexworkers who are looking for additional resources for advertising, STD prevention, etc. A well-rounded site indeed.

Well buckaroos, it’s time for this train to head into the station. I’m still needing to pack (it’s 1:25 am.. ARGH!), finish email and then try to get some sleep. Heckfire, maybe i’ll just pack and save the rest for my flight down. I’ll have about 10 hours to kill.

I wonder if they offer gay porn as a movie choice on American Airlines? If so, i suppose i won’t be needing any cream with my coffee…