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February 2005

Location: Leaving Las Vegas…

Holy crap-o-la, it’s been a long 11 days. A good 11 days, but a spending this much time in Sin City could possibly have long-term effects which might include sensitivity to old ladies who chain-smoke at slot machines and drooling.

On second thought, the drooling might come in handy for those times i forget to replenish my dwindling lube supply 😉

I flew into McCarren (Vegas’s MONDO busy airport) last Friday evening and realized that we didn’t have showplans for the night. I called up my partner-in-crime Bobby Lane, who’s got connections just about everywhere in that city and asked if he could comp us into ‘La Cage’ at the Riviera later that evening. We ended up with front & center seating and the show was, as always, fantastic. Frank Marino is really one of the hardest working guys (and gals) in Vegas and his show is true entertainment. New impersonations to the cast include Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Dolly Parton and Madonna… and they were ALL dead-on perfect. I especially appreciated the somewhat campy homage to Celine Dion.

I turned in early that night, got some much needed sleep and woke up chipper the next morning, ready to put some hurt on the strip. We spent the day people-watching (my favorite activity while in Vegas), catching a bite to eat (way too many choices with my tastes in food being very, very simple) and meandering through the casinos, catching brief moments of strangers’ victories at the tables and riding just a smidge of their high. It was a very impromptu day and one that sat perfect in my mind. Scheduling every last second of a day is just plain boring to me… I’m much more likely to get into some trouble when there’s an element of surprise *wink*

That night was ‘O’ at Bellagio. It was my 19th trip to see the show. Yes, 19… and i still think it’s one of the best productions not only in Vegas, but worldwide. The design element of the show is impeccable, while the artistic side is jaw-droppingly stunning. Although, out of everything that ‘O’ has to offer, it’s the music in the show that i enjoy most. The chord progression that’s written is hauntingly beautiful and, for me, serves as perfect music to do my email to 🙂 It’s relaxing, but not in an Enya ‘this music makes me want to take a crap’ sort of way. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this show, i highly recommend clicking HERE and giving it a chance.

Bellagio’s new spa is insanely serene: I didn’t do any treatments there, but just used their gym and steam. Nice new digs that really compliment their recently added Spa Tower. Added, i was digging the fact that i could walk around the joint butt-ass naked. WHOOHOO! A few guys there gave some fleeting glances, but alas, there were no orgies in the steamroom. Wishful thinking on my part. A couple of nicely hung young Europeans though… Some definite eye-candy.

After the weekend was over, the week was mostly spent with friends, while i played hotel roulette, jumping from The Westin to Bellagio to I found some kickass rates on all three and wanted to see what they were like. While i’ve always had a fondness for Bellagio, i will say that THEhotel trumps it in both design and service. It’s a casino-less property that’s strangely quiet day and night. I really enjoyed the peace and found it to be a welcome retreat from the rest of Vegas.

Some thoughts on other shows i caught throughout the week:

Zumanity~ My favorite Cirque show. It’s naughty. It’s sexy. It’s got more naked gyrating bodies than a ChiChi LaRue film set. A good friend of mine performs in the show and everytime i’ve seen this show, it’s been nothing short of stellar. While i don’t recommend shelling out for the way-too-close duo sofa seating, i can recommend something in the back orchestra or balcony. With this show, closer isn’t necessarily better.

O~ Yep, i went a second time during the week. Got some comped tix. Why pass em’ up?

KA~ Was this a week of Cirque or what? While the show has gelled a bit more, i still don’t think it’ll last as long as Mystere or O have. It’s too cold for me, but technically jaw-dropping. The seating prices are OUTRAGEOUS. I recommend sitting back for this one… center orchestra will be WAY too close as a first-timer.

Blue Man Group~ I wanted to catch this show before it moves out of Luxor and into The Venetian later this year. FYI, Hairspray the Musical will be taking it’s place at Luxor with a very permanent open-ended run. As always, BMG was hilarious, smart and very entertaining.

We Will Rock You~ It’s the American Idol of shows: GREAT singing and absolutely no heart or performing ability. It’s a joke of a show and sort of sad, considering they had so much of Queen’s great music to work with. Whereas Mamma Mia gets the audience up and dancing in the aisles, WWRY just gets over-commercialized and silly. I don’t know how long this new show at Paris Hotel will last. Look for half-priced tix nightly at the local Tix4Less outlets on the strip. The night i saw the show, the audience was only about a 1/3 full.

… at least in wax i can’t get bloated

I also had a chance to hit the ever-loved tourist trap Madame Tussauds at The Venetian. I always enjoy heading over there every year or so and see what new figures they have. I especially liked the interactive Jennifer Lopez statue that blushed when you rubbed her rear-end. I was rubbing her so hard, i must have looked like some sort of sicko convicted sex-offender, standing there with my hand on her wax ass. I’m sure i frightened some of my fellow guests.

Coming to a trailer-park near you!

I went to my virginal performance of Mac King’s afternoon magic show at Harrahs. It was FANTASTIC! For under $20, it’s a real bargain and an afternoon of laughs. His audience was packed and the tricks came fast & furious. I highly recommend this one. Mac puts of one helluva show.

So, i’ve got something to admit: On the way back from Vegas (in the plane), i had a most sudden whack-attack and the overwhelming urge to release. Luckily, i was in a larger plane with a bathroom easily made for momentus-masterbation-moments. I got up, locked myself in, lifted up my polo, unbuttoned my jeans and whipped things out. Hell, i was ridgid from the second i got up from my seat, so that wasn’t an issue. Looking into the bathroom mirror, i let my head hit the back of the door, took my cock in my hand and jerked away. Luckily (or not), i’m somewhat of an exhibitionist, so getting to the brink was super fast and i had to hold it back on more than one occasion. When i finally did blow, i hit not only the mirror, but the sink, lights and floor. I pity the poor soul who went in after me to wash his hands…

Just kidding: I cleaned things up 🙂 This was one performance of ‘O’ that i wouldn’t mind reliving on a consistant basis…
. lol. God bless Continental’s big bathrooms.

Before i go any further, let me say that this week’s edition of EYE CANDY is super sweet. My Key West connection has outdone himself by sending in some very amateur (and very HOT) pics of boys from around the world. Why not take a look for yourself:

Yeah. I’d participate in that orgy 🙂 *evil grin*

Random snippet of Benjamin’s current thought process:

The sex was incredible. His body intertwined in mine, randomly throwing pillows away and seriously wrinkling the well-made bed, with every following thought being ‘how can i find a way to get closer to him.’ It wasn’t animalistic at this point as much as it was taking time to enjoy every inch of his body. Emotionally-driven sex is the best and this was definitely in that category. I wanted to feel every square inch of his skin against mine. The body contact led to wrestling which led to kisses which led to biting, which eventually resulted in a rather large set of teeth marks imbedded in his upper-left thigh. Oops 🙂 LOL.

To be continued in future blogs. *wink*

For those of you who love playing the ‘guessing game,’ here’s another edition of ’15 Minutes’ Blind Items. Read em’ and weep…

*What top female reality-show winner has been spending a significant amount of time around a major lady of rap? While neither girl is openly sapphic, everyone in the tents knew this hip-hop heavyweight and telegenic stunner have been getting their freak on*

*What ’80s teen star works the autograph circuit, posing nude for old men for $50 so he can grab his next batch of crack?*

Oh dear. I especially found that last one mighty interesting… It sort of puts a whole new spin on the term ‘Charles in Charge’ eh? For the record, it’s not Scott Baio. He’s too busy getting chubby and knocking up the likes of cocktail waitresses at the Rio in Vegas. Don’t ask me how i know that. I just do 😉

On that note, i think it’s time to end this week’s post and reveal my new feeling on spending so much time in Vegas. I’m sure i’ll be back in Sin City, but hopefully not for a solid month. It takes time to recoup from such glitz & glamour. For now, it’s travel as usual, but thankfully i’m Vegas-free until March. By then, i’ll be hankering for another dose. *wink*

I wonder if heavy sedatives would make Vegas tolerable for an extended amount of time?