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January 2005

Location: Home Sweet Home… Back from Boston.

YO! I thought i’d snap a couple of pics with the trusty ol’ digicam today and post up something new, half-naked and with my favorite new cap 🙂 Here’s the backstory:

You see, my old ‘favorite’ cap was left in an Alitalia aircraft in Paris while trying to get home to the states. I noticed it was missing well into DeGaulle, so i basically left it to the wolves and hoped that some cute Parisian would pick it up and get some use out of it. I can only hope it’s not at the bottom of some landfill. *sniff, sniff* Poor ol’ thing.

If you’re looking for the rest of the snapped set, head over to my yahoo groups website, both linked HERE and on the side menu under ‘InfoGroup.’ It’s free, so quit dawdling and get yer butt over there and join the party (… in the words of Brandon Baker no less).

Mother Nature is one hard-nosed bitch: The whole time spent in Boston, the city was experiencing their coldest time yet at about 10 degrees. OUCH! It was so cold that at one point my right nipple fell off of my chest and landed on the ground outside of Subway. I ended up using some Gorilla Glue and re-attaching. The cold was nuts. On a positive note, the Westin in Copley Square was toasty warm and quite inviting. Nice room and a most ‘heavenly bed.’

I caught the national tour of Little Shop of Horrors last night. I wanted to see Anthony Rapp (of Broadway’s ‘Rent’ fame) in the lead as Seymour, but found at the performance that he was already out of the show for rehersals for the Rent movie (due out in 2006). In any event, his understudy was amazing and the show as a whole was tight, well-sung and VERY campy. The plant puppets were out-of-this-world: The largest one weighing over 5k lbs and hovering out into the audience. This is definitely one show you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re a fan of doo-wop music or Alan Menken’s score…

I also had a chance to spend a weekend in Phoenix. It’s a place i’ve been before, but it’s been awhile and things have definitely changed for the better. Much of my time was spent talking, catching up on some reading (BTW, Jenna Jameson’s new book is fantastic) and enjoying the picture-perfect weather that AZ provided. I almost felt like a criminal in the 60 degree daytimes, when NY’ers were getting hit with the blizzard. If anyone out there was in the ‘danger zone’ of snow and ice, i wish you guys a most warm recovery. I know how it feels, as i was in the Big Apple for the last bad snowstorm awhile back and it was nuts. I went into a performance of ‘Chicago’ on a brisk winter’s eve and came out of the show looking at 2 feet of snow. YEOW!

… But on a positive note, i did get to do some pretty nifty snow-angels smack dab in the middle of a very empty and quiet Times Square. It was a moment in my life i’ll never forget.

But back to the subject, PHX was quite enjoyable, as was my company. I had a chance to see a yet-to-open art show, which i found politically interesting, and also enjoyed the laid-back attitude of everything and everyone around me. It definitely got the ‘thumbs up’ on this end 🙂

So i’m sitting here in San Antonio, already having done my laundry and wanting something interesting to do. This is where boredom can become somewhat dangerous: I adpoted a pup from the local Humane Society. It’s a Chihuahua-mix, with a healthy dose of Jack Russell in her as well. While i couldn’t take her home immediately (the whole Bob Barker ‘spay and neuter’ clause i’m assuming), i will be able to pick her up on Wednesday. I’ve named her Katherine (or Kate if you’d like prefer) and she’s quite the looker…

Why ‘Katherine?’ Well, she sort of wobbles & shakes around a bit, much like Katherine Hepburn did, so i thought they might be kindered spirits. I know… It’s not PC, but i do like the name ‘Kate’ and it seems to fit her style so far. Another image of said Katherine:

Okay. I realize the dog looks like some taxidermy class gone wrong, but i swear she’s alive, well and full of personality. She can also beat the hell out of Paris Hilton’s chihuahua Tinker Bell…

BRING IT ON! 🙂 lol.

Some celeb (or at least B-rate) gossip that’s come across my ear lately:

FOREVER YOUR DROOL? A close friend of mine who’s PA’ing on this season’s American Idol doled out this dish… Former 80’s pop-icon and current American Idol judge Paula Abdul has had so much Botox work done on her face that camera operators are being told to nix close-ups as she’s having trouble with DROOLING on the judges table. Producers are asking Abdul to clean up her Botulistic-obsession, as it’s also affecting her speech when critiquing contestants. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, as Abdul never had much to contribute anyway…

GOD OR MONSTER? Could it be that a certain boy next door has a dirty little secret? Not only is he not nearly as squeaky clean as he appears, but there should be more to him than meets the eye. Secretly, he credits regular visits to the plastic surgeon for his trim physique. And, according to sources, he not only likes to get “sucked”, he likes to do it, too. But, shhh, don’t tell anyone he’s a sister, or his mummy would roll over in her grave.

DESPERATE PRODUCERS. Could it be that a naughty nighttime newbie has been enjoying his success? So say my buddies who are friends with the hunk’s home boys (and trust me when I say there are lots of boys in that home). One of the surprisingly regular visitors to the casa of the not-so-tall, dark, and handsome dude is his fair-haired predecessor. Comparing notes? Or finding some common ground? Either way, it sounds like there’s little chance of gathering moss.

THE TAXMAN COMETH. Okay, so we all know that Survivor contestant & freak nudist Richard Hatch will soon be vacationing at Club Fed for tax evasion (maybe he’ll join Martha at Cupcake), but did you also know that up until recently, he’d be publically trolling for trade on a bear-for-bear hookup site? Hawk-eyed ’15 Minutes’ readers sent in this link, which i can only describe as somewhat disturbing, but thankfully Hatch’s profile pics are MOSTLY clothed. There is a God.;=1&me;=bmb.phtml

Another interesting (albeit, non-porn) site i’ve been watching involves the productions of DeadGuysCinema. This movie studio is geared towards the horror-movie genre, while putting hot, young and well-built guys in scary situations. The DVD’s are hot, but not what i would call porn in any way. Just slick camerawork of hot guys, good plots and buckets of blood. Check out the site, as they also offer ways to order their several flicks online and in realtime. Another bonus about Their movies often feature some well-known escorts as eye-candy and show them in various states of undress. SCORE!

For your viewing pleasure, a random image of my cat Toby, who will soon be projectile pissing on me for adopting a small dog:

Yea, he’ll be pissed. He already has that ‘spawn of the devil’ look about him…

EYE CANDY anyone? I’ve got TONS this week. Mucho thanks to my Key-West connection (aka, the StripSlut) for sending some of the best bodies this side of the Atlantic. I’m not sure where you get your images from, but i want the web addy soon 🙂

Okay. Let’s take a quick break. Breathe. Wipe some of that lube off your keyboard and get ready for a double-dose of even more EYE CANDY. WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Okay, okay… So the last pic was of me 🙂 Digging through my machine, i also found this recent image taken in San Antonio’s Buckhorn Saloon & Museum of Horns (and dead ‘critters’). Who says you can’t get warm & cuddly with wildlife?

QUIZ SHOW: If anyone can tell me the name of this man and the little guy sitting on his lap, then you’ll win the grand prize. It’s a toughie, but the prize is QUITE good. If anyone gets this immediately, i may possibly wet my pants with laughter:

I’m pretty excited about heading down to Rio again in February (for Carnival) and am wondering just how insane the atmosphere will be. I’ve done Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence, White Party and Black & Blue, but this seems to be in a whole other category. Anyone care to email me and share some words of wisdom? I’m listening…

To cap off this ’15 Minutes’, a little story: I get a call from someone inquiring about my rate structure and to chit-chat a little before scheduling something. We talk, seemingly get along, connect on many personality traits and he soon decides he wants to see me. He asks price. I have set prices that don’t go up or down, depending on ‘service’ and let him know what was what.

*** silence**** The phone gets very quiet. … Can you hear me now?

He says the words ‘sticker shock.’ I understand, but also explain that there are MANY guys out there that are more expensive than me and who provide much less of an experience. He pauses. He sighs. He practically does a vocal frown. IMO, it’s going downhill and instead of him saying ‘I appreciate it, but you’re not what i’m looking for pricewise,’ he decides to treat me like a flea market on a busy Saturday morning. He begins to bargin. After bargaining doesn’t work and i suggest that he may be more comfortable with another escort, he becomes irrate and starts browbeating the issue. I then thank him for his call and his time, eventually hanging up on him and ending this very Klute moment.

A moral to this story? Nah. Just thought i’d share. I found the situation pretty funny though. It’s always a hoot when you have control over a control-freak. LOL.

Almost forgot: I’ve been getting email from those hankering for a free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK, so here it is… Billy’s Perv Website. It’s the home of the ‘hands-free orgasm’ and a great startup free site that has some pretty unbelievable pics. Browsing is believing 😉

Thanks for reading y’all. Your eyes keep this big wheel turning…

And we’re rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the river.