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December 2004

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Okay, so i said i’d talk about ‘Hairspray’ on tour a bit more, so here goes: IT’S AMAZING! It’s one of the few broadway tours that faithfully re-creates the feeling on the original, even possibly one-upping it’s parent show at times. Here are the real standouts~

Keala Settle (Tracy Turnblad): Fantastic singer, limitless energy and a great dancer. A perfect choice for the lead role. Kudos to Keala for doing all of that dancing with a fat-suit on… WHEW!

Chandra Lee Schwartz (Penny Pingleton): Great actress and a very unexpected gospel-style voice. Her comedic timing is awesome to say the least.

Austin Miller (Link Larkin): He was one of the few weak links of the show IMO. While he had the look of ‘link,’ he didn’t quite match up vocally. His dancing was somewhat spastic and left me wondering if it was a concious choice or otherwise. Now, for the sake of this blog, i will post some of Austin’s pics, as he does have a killer bod. He might be a little hard looking (in the face), but just look at his washboard stomach and repeat to yourself ‘There’s no place like home’ three times… That should help 😉

The highlight of the show for me was Charlotte Crossley (aka, Motormouth Maybelle) who brought the house down on ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’ in the second act. It was worthy of a standing ovation alone…

Now, getting serious for a sec, i just wanted to wish HooBoy of HB’s Male4Malescorts a very speedy recovery from stroke complications. HB’s not only been a recent guiding force in making ’15 Minutes’ what it is, but he’s also a friend and an amazingly super guy. I wish him the very best and encourage my readers to send him your well-wishes if you have a chance. Simply click the banner below to shoot him an E. Knowing Hoo, i’m sure he’d also appreciate a really hot porno shot in lieu of flowers or chocolates… *grin*

Reading this month’s issue of Genre Magazine, i came across an article about a new website designed to let your ‘online hookups’ know about any STD’s you may have, both anynomously or face-foward. The site you ask?

At first i found this interesting, but after thinking about it for awhile it dawned on me that if i had the nerve to sleep with someone KNOWING i had a treatable or untreatable STD, then it would be my responsiblity to let them know upfront. If someone intentionally sleeps around while infected, i think it would only be right to let their trade know face-to-face about their status. It’s the least you can do for decieving them in the first place. While i’m not sure about how ‘effective’ this new website will be, i do think it’s giving the guilty a chickenshit way out of fessing up to their screw-up. What ever happened to being a man and fessing up? *shakes head*

MOVE OVER AUSSIEBUMS? A new underwear line has emerged and their designs are reminiscent of your underoo’s from yesteryear! offers some interesting new looks on the standard-style brief. While a little pricey for a full-cut brief, the designs are pretty cool and the selection isn’t too shabby. Now if they could only get something in-stock, as the website relays that almost everything is on backorder. Not cool. While i have yet to order a pair, as they don’t seem to have any available, if anyone out there is a faithful wearer of these new undies, shoot me an E and let me know what you think: I’m Listening.

Since this entry into ’15 Minutes’ will be more like a ‘5 Minute Quickie,’ i do plan on posting a full-length blog on Monday afternoon from Las Vegas. For the time being, let’s just fix our stare on this entry’s edition of EYE CANDY! WHOOHOO 🙂

The middle pic is just so hot: There’s something about a dude’s feet that totally turn me on… I know i’m not the only one out there with a foot fetish. Am i?

Alright~ Look for something newish on Monday and a big thanks, as always, for tuning into the blog-o-rama. Rumor has it that Benjamin might be tapped for a documentary about his life over the past couple of years…. Fact or fiction? No one knows quite yet 🙂