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December 2004

Location: Homo… er, Home for the Holidays

Yea, so by the looks of the above pic i’ve become a typical strip-slut with my new piece of Motorola technology. Now if i could only find that blasted button to unblur my bits & pieces. Did i accidently pick up the ‘moral majority’ edition of this cell phone that blurs out all offending images for the ‘integrity’ of the user? Shit.

Today, while browsing the net, i found the new trailer to Tim Burton’s remake of ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory!!!’ I was excited to say the least and from the looks of this small snippet, there seems to be some fun promise in the film. It’s in theaters this July. While i’m not sure that Johnny Depp could EVER surpass the genius that is Gene Wilder in the original, i know that Burton will deliver when it comes to design and overall creativity. For a glance at this new movie trailer, click HERE. A high-speed connection is recommended.

So, a gander of gossip regarding a CNN personality being outed recently hit my email inbox, but from what i’ve been told it’s old news. Anderson Cooper, son of fashion-guru Gloria Vanderbuilt, recently tripped up in an interview regarding gay rights activists and said ‘we’ in relation to being included in the gay population. While interesting, it’s nothing new, as Cooper has reportedly been seen in several gay clubs dancing the night away and even has an ever-ellusive profile on

Remember me? You can call me Doogie…

Neil Patrick Harris has recently opened ‘Paris Letters’ in LA, a new stage play with an interestingly titilating scene with Harris nude and full-frontal. WHOOHOO: I’m always a fan of frontal male nudity in the theatre! I was hoping for some full-frontals when i first went to see Fosse, but that was just wishful thinking on my part. Nudity in the case of seeing The Producers onstage is completely optional and a frightening thought. I like winky, but not Nathan Lane winky. Words create images… *shudder*

Anyway, back onto topic~ Neil Harris was spotted by a keen eye in rehersals for the nude scene and reports say he’s hung like a HORSE. WOOOOOOAH SILVER! This former TV-twink-turned-Broadway-Butt-Boy is now buffed up for his trou-dropping drama and reportedly sporting a major package. If i can get my dirty little hands on pic proof, i’ll post it up immediately. Seems to me like i may have to make a trip to LA to see for myself 😉

I had a chance to catch two movies today: Blade III and Ocean’s Twelve. Both were entertaining, if not a little long-in-the-tooth, but made for a good afternoon of mindless glee. Some of the twists in Ocean’s were far-fetched, but made for good plot anyway. Blade III was a personal low for Wesley Snipes IMO and sadly finished off this series of movies about the ‘Daywalker’ and his various emotional issues. To this day i cannot watch Snipes without thinking about Noxima Jackson from To Wong Foo... Let me refresh you with an image if i may:

If you haven’t seen this gay-gem, i suggest finding an evening soon and watching it. It’s one of those REALLY quotable movies and for me sits somewhere between ShowGirls and Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion in terms of laughs-per-minute.

HustlaBall 2005 hits Las Vegas 1/6/2005. While it’s still up in the air whether i’m going to actually play a role in the event, i will be in Las Vegas for a week starting on 1/2 for InterNext. I’m not planning on taking much side business, but shooting me an E couldn’t hurt to find out. As for HustlaBall, it’s being held at Krave this year and the afterparty at Gypsy. The following night (1/8) will be hosted at the BlueMoon Gay Resort, where an all-out sex party is scheduled to take place. A couple of my favorite guys will be in attendance at HB 2005: Brandon Baker and Jason Carter, along with the very beautiful Sierra Andrews co-MC’ing with ChiChi LaRue. It should prove to be a very exciting and stimulating night for gay Las Vegas for sure. One things for sure though: If i head to HustlaBall, then so does my email buddy Anna-Nicole. A pinky-swear online is almost as good as the real thing, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, almost forgot… Got a snapshot of my Christmas tree and since it’s only a couple of days away (and since i said i’d get a shot up), here’s the ol’ gal standing tall:

Not too shabby for a fake tree… my first one ever. It’s done in all-blue and it’s definitely relaxing to look at. I’ve never been one for a ‘designer tree,’ but this one turned out pretty AND functional. A first perhaps? Possible. Very possible. Added, this year there’s no worry of competition since Martha Stewart is in the clink and can’t fabricate a tree from spoons and toilet paper. HA! I’ve finally beat the domestic goddess at her own game… *rubs hands together maniacally*

Now if i could only get the cat to stop chewing on it like it’s alive and then proceeding to vomit fake tree parts all over the tile in the kitchen. Nice image, eh?

Cool website of the Moment:

Use this site to get back to where you once belong… ie, old versions of logged websites from eons ago. It’s a neat way to remember what sites used to look like and how far they’ve come in the past few years or more. A total waste of time, but hey, at least you’re not watching something insipid like Access Hollywood 😉

This week’s WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK (brought to you by the numbers 6 and 9) goes to a yahoo group featuring a very popular up & comer in the gay porn world: Brent Everett.

Click HERE to access this group and sign up for some FREE images of this very cute guy. While shortie twinks aren’t usually my type, this kid has a great looking face to really do well in the adult world. Sources around the net say he privately escorts in LA, but nothing’s been proved, so it remains a mystery for now. For the time being, let’s just enjoy the images…

And speaking of enjoying images~ It’s EYE CANDY time. Buckle up kiddos cause it’s going to be a loooong ride this week….

Yea, so i’m still obsessing over Ryan Reynolds and his bod in Blade III. Here are some more shots of this friggin hot guy in various states of undress. Merry Christmas you filthy animals…

For those out there who are eagerly looking foward to Steve Wynn’s new hotel to open (March 2005) in Vegas, here is a mock-up of how the basic room will look. Thanks to a regular reader on the inside of Wynn Inc for getting ’15 Minutes’ this snapshot. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty swank looking outfit:

The Wynn Resort’s website is up, running and taking advance reservations over the phone. Rumor has it that prices start around $299.

Look out for next week’s 15 Minutes when i name my own top 5 escorts of the year. I’ll also crown the top 5 escorts who have more than used up their ’15 Minutes’ of fame. Either way, it’s sure to be a interesting read and a few well-placed laughs… Maybe even a jaw-dropper or two. I’m also tinkering with adding a Q&A; section to the blog, which would allow readers a weekly forum to pose a question or two.

Also coming next week, a detailed account of my first serious bondage experience while down in Key West. I never thought rope and a chair could be so fun…

Merry Christmas to all who tune in and here’s wishing you all a very healthy, happy and safe 2005. I’m thankful for your weekly eyes as always.