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December 2004

Location: Home from Memphis… New Year’s San Antonio-style!

Recently on HooBoy’s Message Center, a tongue-in-cheek thread was started regarding starting a ‘Church of Benjamin Nicholas,’ as i seem to have many supporters who so awesomely defend me against those not in-the-know. So, i was going through some of my pics from Italy and found the above one to be perfect marketing material for this new church venture. Perfect or what?

Move over Pat Robertson… The gloves are coming off Tammy Faye.

Forget just passing the plate… I’m more concerned with what kind of lube my congregation uses.

For those of you offended by off-color religious comments, i probably should have posted a warning at the top of this blog. Whoops. I also don’t recommend scrolling down, as there are NUDE PICTURES of men in gay-like settings as well. You’ve been warned.

Back in reality: gay-crusader and frequent-fister Margaret Cho begins finishing touches on her new film ‘Bam Bam & Celeste.’ While a departure from her usual stand-up routine, this flick has been gifted with a horribly bad name, but written with the wit & charm of the Cho herself. For screenshots, click HERE.

BLOG BLIND ITEMS: Why not welcome in 2005 with a few laughs?

THAT’S LUSH WITH AN ‘L’…. Tonight was the night that this wacky, old-school, female crooner was to take the stage in Miami, but a reported bump-off-the-bed kept this better-than-Babs from performing. Insiders say it was less about her bruised bum and more about finding a place to hide a flask when wearing a clingy, sequined lavalier. Yep, she’s off the wagon kids. While her signature ‘slur’ might be endearing to some, the powers-that-be in Miami told this gal to clean it up or risk the $4 million payday. Looks like they’ll be needing another aging icon for ringing in 2005… Anyone know Dirty Diana’s phone number?

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO… On a recent Larry King show, this ever-repugnant Brit, most famous for churning out highly commercial, schlock-fest musicals, looked ever so relaxed, even going as far as having some difficulty enunciating his words. Booze the culprit? Nope. Drugs? Hardly. I’ve been told Botox. You’d think with teeth like his that he’d start there, but this ‘Sir-and-be-seen’ obviously preffered to de-wrinkle instead. Maybe he opted to go with some Botox from Larry’s personal stash in his dressing room?

THIS IS A LYSOL MOMENT… This tidbit only needs a sentance or two: Wynonna Ryder on the floor of a chic Beverly Hills eatery bathroom, screaming & crying into her cellphone. A DOZEN bottles of perscription medication fall out of her purse. Yeow. Either she was doing her best impression of a Bounty ‘quicker-picker-upper’ or Ryder was having a nervous breakdown. Does the Academy offer an Oscar for ‘Best Performance on the floor of a pricey eatery?’

For those out there into a little kink (or a lot), check out this website for some twisted deals on erotic reading and more: GoodBoner Books. Also look for super-scort Brandon Baker on the cover of a few of the featured reading as modelboy extrodinare. Nice shots Big B!

In a couple days i head out to Vegas for a week (1/3-8) of getting some new photos done, cruising the CES & InterNext conventions and, of course, HustlaBall 2005. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open in Sin City and promise some good blogging when i get back. If you happen to also be attending the event at Krave, feel free to stop me and say hello. I always enjoy meeting new people and i rarely bite. Expect a possible nibble or two though 😉

This past trip to Memphis was interesting: For the first time, i tried my hand at a firing range with a handgun. While it’s always been something i wanted to learn more about, it was an experience i’m not likely to forget anytime soon. It was empowering, but it was also a little frightening. I attributed it to going to the driving range and hitting a box of golf balls, as it gives someone a chance to let off some steam and brush-up on their skills at the same time. While i’m not going to be a card-carrying member of the NRA anytime soon, it was a learning experience and really cut down on my instinctive fear of guns in general.

I also caught the tour of Hairspray… again. LOL. It was fantastic. I still think it’s the best show on the road out there and highly recommend it if it’s near you in the future. Lots of fun. Also check out this link for more info on the actor playing the heartthrob ‘Link’ in the show. He may not be a standout in the show, but the images on his site are hunky-dorey.

‘The Aviator’ with Leo DiCraprio was excellent. It’s almost at 3+ hours (a real butt-numb’er), but it’s a fascinating film. I’d go again to see it if only for Cate Blanchett’s wonderful performance as Catherine Hepburn: She’s nothing less than stellar in the role. An actress playing Hepburn could easily go into caricature, but Blanchett made it real and meaningful. Also a good film for those intrigued by flight history and aviation in general.

Well, there’s only one way to ring in 2005 the right way. LOADS (ahem) OF EYE CANDY!!! Get the tissues out, cause this week’s selection is smoking:

Next week will be the inagural (but annual) posting of ’15 Minutes Escorts of the Year.’ I appreciate all of the suggestions and votes for your favorites guys and am currently narrowing down the list to 5 top escorts. Other awards will also include the Top Escort Duos, Mister Congeniality and other interesting & wayward categories. I apologize, but the swimsuit portion of the contest will not be televised this year…. CBS was too worried about yet another ‘costume malfunction.’ They know me too well. I would have added SEVERAL.

Freebie WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK goes to the studs featured at TeenMuscleGuys photo posting board. It’s free to join and the selection of images is outstanding if you’re into non-hardcore images of young guys with drool-inducing bodies. Perfect for that muscle-worship side of yourself you’ve been meaning to explore in 2005. New images are added by the users, so the updates are fast and furious. HIGHLY recommended site and one that i myself visit when i’ve got a bottle of lube to break-in solo. WHOOHOO! Sign-up is free and easy with EZboard, so no worries about getting spammed or dealing with pop-ups.

Since they won’t let Dick Clark out of his age-less TupperWare compartment to host the ball dropping (i just love it watching balls drop), it looks like this evening will be spent getting things together for Vegas, listening to the sounds of firecrackers ignite outside (Hey, i’m in Texas. We look for ANY excuse to blow things up) and catch-up on missed episodes of ‘Huff,’ a creative new show on Showtime. Let’s face it: Any show with Hank Azaria AND Blythe Danner in the cast has to be a good thing. So far, it’s quite engaging.