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November 2004

Location: San Antonio (for TurkeyDay), Chicago, Cabo San Lucas… Now home again, home again, jiggity-jig

So we meet again and here’s hoping that everyone here had a calorie-infested Thanksgiving, followed by a day of rest & relaxation with absolutely no hope of direction or willpower. I luckily got to spend TurkeyDay with the family here in Texas, then had to jet out the following AM to close on some property in Chicago, followed by a rather peaceful trip to Cabo to enjoy the place just before their high-season hits later this month.

For a little recap on how beautiful Cabo is, take a look:

My favorite resort down there is the Fiesta Americana. It’s not the most expensive, but IMO it’s got the best service, space and beach quality. I’ve heard good things about the ‘One and Only’ resort down there as well. Had a lady on my flight back who stayed there and raved about it to no end. Maybe i’ll have to look into that place next time…

Chicago’s getting chilly. Finally 🙂 I had a quick chance to take a skate in Millenium Park’s new icerink, vaguely reminiscent of NYC’s Rockefeller Center. I also had a chance to take this new image of a very striking public art/fountain installation within the park:

It’s got real striking beauty against the classic cityscape of Chicago. It’s almost hypnotic when you see it in-person. The contrast is fantastic and jaw-dropping.

For you gadget-geeks and technofiles out there, i had a chance to try out Motorola’s new RAZR mobile (which, for now, is only compatable with Cingular services) and it’s quite a fun little new toy. It’s quad-band, bluetooth enabled, outfitted with a 1.2mp camera, speakerphone, MP3 player and a whole bunch of other doo-dads. Ultimately, it’s the look of the thing that will make it sell like hotcakes:

So, it’s not only completely brushed steel, but it’s also thin enough to fit just about anywhere. Now, if you’re REALLY looking to go all-out and totally luxe, the VERTU cell is the end-all-be-all of cellular communications. Yea, it’s a little over-the-top, but in a world of Tyco executives spending $30k on a shower curtain, this doesn’t look so bad afterall… *grin*

Seemingly last-week’s pic-post of a certain latin heartthrob got engines going, as the email poured in confirming the star does indeed shake his bon-bon for the male species. This week’s jaw-dropper comes from the private still stash of those lovable ‘Jackass’ boys. For those of you enamored with the obvious-exhibitionist Chris Pontius, this pic should keep things flowing:

Who’da thought he’d make such a worthy canidate for a gay-porn flick? With that mighty impressive ‘stream of conscious’ he’s got going, he might be wise to give ChiChi LaRue a ring in the near future. ‘Jackass’ you say? How about a hot ‘Jackoff’ instead…

MINDLESS ITEM OF THE WEEK: I’m totally digging the new ‘Guys Gone Wild’ caps that their namesake website is selling, along with the series of three DVD’s featuring some pretty hot straight guys showing it off. I’ve had my set for awhile, but just now got around to watching them: My opinion? They’re hit and miss, but definitely worth the cheap price. What’s truly amazing is watching a totally soft fratboy, naked, and wrapping his schlong completely around his wrist like some sort of cheapo, Joan Rivers-on-QVC bracelet. It’s insane! I’m pretty sure that both their website and are selling the set…

All this talk of schlongs and fratboys has me in the mood for eyecandy 🙂 Here’s this week’s bunch, all courtesy (and personal faves i might add) of’s webmaster:

WHEW. That was nice indeed. Hats off to the guys at!

Starting on 12/5, i’ll be headed into Vegas yet again, but this time i’m definitely going to have some time available for those who’d like to meet up. I think i’m scheduled in Sin City through the 8th, so if anyone out there is in town, feel free to shoot me an Email and we can chat it up a bit. Thanks guys.

Luckily, i’ve got some downtime here in SA for the next few days. I plan on getting some laundry done (which is, for those who know me, my favorite thing to do) and hitting the gym a bit harder. As for a coming New Year’s resolution? I haven’t really thought about one yet, but i’m sure it will involve ‘spending more time with family and friends.’ I should probably pick one that is actually do’able. lol. How about ‘I resolve to never again use water-based lubes when doing naughty things in the bedroom.’ That work? Hmmm…

Recently got a chance to see the national tour of Hairspray in San Antonio and gee-golly if it wasn’t as good, if not better, than the original broadway cast. If it’s headed to your town, i definitely recommend getting tickets and sitting through this very enjoyable and musically infectious musical. It’s pure goodtimes and really entertaining fluff. Add some amazing voices, non-stop dancing and you’ve got hot ticket. If i can find some time before this next trip into Vegas, i plan on seeing the show again before it leaves town.

Wow… it’s already midnight. I’ve got to get some sleep, but here’s a heads up: Look for a Friday posting jam-packed with gossip, pics, tidbits and more. I’m sitting on some good stuff (ahem!) and looking to post it up as soon as it’s confirmed. Added, i’d also like to talk more about Hairspray, my famlicized Thanksgiving, a bright new escort in the industry, etc. So much to say and so little time, eh? Until then, stay tuned, a big thanks for keeping up and always remember: I’m Listening