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October 2004

Location: San Antonio, Texas…

Yup, it’s Halloween. Otherwise known as ‘Gay Christmas’ or the day that all gay men can dress up in heels and not feel guilty about it the next morning. For those considering the leap into cross-dressing this evening, i say go for it. While i have yet to experience the thrill of Jimmy Choos, i can’t chastise others for having their jollies in a safe & sane way.

Before i get into this week’s blog, i definitely want to welcome the new readers from HooBoy’s M4M site. It’s always nice to have new sets of eyes around here. The one thing i can promise is that this blog will always aim to entertain. I’m not here to change the world, but to simply share some of my day-to-day events that make my life memorable. I’m also a little keen on sharing some blind-item gossip, along with a weekly free website just perfect for spanking the monkey to. I mean really… Who doesn’t like a little free gay porn now & then?

Playing catch-up on past blogs is simple: Just look to the left of the screen for the ‘Archived Blogs’ menu. Read a few from the past to get a feel for how this whole shindig works.

Big BIG thanks to HooBoy for giving me some space on his site for this weekly rant.

I’m actually pretty psyched, as my usual weekly readership hits about 80k on the blog alone. Methinks with this new bump in population, i’m going to need more bandwidth. Argh.

To porn or not to porn? That is the question. While i’ve had my own fair share of offers, it’s a good friend (and well-known escort) this time who is considering going into the erotic film world. What makes this situation so much tougher to decipher than usual? It’s bareback porn and he’s still on the fence regarding a decision. While the money is shit, he’s obsessed with getting his face out there in anyway, shape or form. He’s the personality type that wants to be famous by any means necessary: A guy who can never get enough attention and finds the meglomania aspect of gay porn to be enticing. I told him that if he’s looking for attention that desperately, then why not just get a dog or a boyfriend… Needless to say, he didn’t find that funny.

Here’s a little eye-candy i came across today. Whaddya think?

… and the award for ‘Most Dramatic Orgasm/Flashdance Impersonation’ goes to:

Yet another round of eye-candy. Me likey:

So, i just got an email from ‘Kyle’ about threeway’ing with him and his client. For those hankering for a image of this kiddo, here ya go:

So far so good, eh? I’m being asked to fly to Vegas for a few hours to have some fun and then will probably spend the rest of the night, play a little blackjack and head out the following AM. Anyone know this guy or have info to share? I’m listening. While i’m sure he’s the real deal, i also know there are those out there reading who know more than myself 😉

As mentioned before in the blog, this former BelAmi model (now with another production company) has quietly started escorting here in the states. I wonder how long this shroud of secrecy will last when he debuts his website in the coming month with some very obvious ‘rates for time’ front & center? This US-specialty is otherwise known as having a dick of death and will most likely make the size queens drool with not only his surferboy look, but his awesome ability to fuck in seriously strange positions. Stay tuned for his soon-to-be weblink.

I think next week i’m going to do my own little top 10 list of escorts i’d like to nail (or be nailed by… I’m equal opportunity). With all of these ‘end-of-the-year’ lists headed our way, i think i’m starting things early and on a sexual note.

Drumroll please, as it’s time for this week’s free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK, courtesy of MenOnTheNet’s Erotic Story Archive. Okay, while it’s not a pictorial way to get your nut, it is a super-hot archive of sex stories. Every fetish, every subject, every sexual proclivity (well, almost). It’s been a nice free source of whack & jack material for me on many occasions, so i thought i’d share the love and pay it forward… Enjoy!

So i’ve got some time off and find myself watching the most obscure DVD’s. Case-in-point? Showgirls. Yes, THAT Showgirls. The one with Elizabeth Berkley (aka, Jessie Spano) getting fucked while flopping around the pool like a trout out of water. It’s a camp-classic. It really makes ‘Mommy Dearest’ look like Oscar-nominated material. I’m not sure if it’s the over-the-top antics of Gina Gershon (and her hilarious catch phrase ‘daaarlin’) or the fact that Elizabeth Berkley’s spending most of the film icing down her nipples. It’s bizarre, but compelling in that oh-shit-the-train-is-going-to-crash sort of way. If you’ve got some time to kill and want a good laugh, i can highly recommend this exercise in how-not-to start off your movie career.

I sat and chatted with none other than Anna Nicole Smith at the recent opening of Krave in Las Vegas. Looking a little North of thin, this creative lady spent the evening pounding Jello shots and letting everyone know i was her ‘escort for the evening.’ LOL. These are the sorts of moments that should teach me to keep my big yapper shut about what i do. In any event, Anna Nicole was a fantastic party-gal and definitely put the likes of Paris Hilton to shame. She had just been in Vegas a couple of weeks earlier for the MAGIC clothing convention and was still excited over her specialty line with VonDutch. Three cheers for the comeback kid! We ended up exchanging phone numbers and methinks she’s going to be around Sin City again about the same time as HustlaBall 2005. If i can wrangle into her schedule for another meet up, i’m going to see if this little lass can play some blackjack.

With that, i think it’s time to wrap things up and kickstart Halloween. Be safe guys & gals. Party responsibily and if you’re doing naughty things, make sure to take detailed pictures and send them to me ASAP. Seriously though, i’m all for a little Q&A; here on 15 Minutes…, so as always i’m listening when it comes to your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy Halloween. Get out there and get into it.