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September 2004


I’m sure there are some of you out there who are curious as to why ol’ Benjamin’s Yahoo group is non-functionatory, as well as all ties with Yahoo severed: Seemingly there were some who discovered my blog to be a bit too honest and decided to report me to TOS (terms of service for those not familiar with strange acronyms).

I’m so heartbroken. *grin*

FYI, my is no longer working, along with any or yahoo address formerly held. I didn’t cover my ass enough obviously and was found to be the weakest link. I’m still haggling with Yahoo over info in my email accounts that was of a personal nature, but will probably just give up the ghost and tell em’ to eat dirt & die. No worries here, as when one door shuts, two more swing wide open 🙂

Any of you out there have plans or were communicating with me? If we were communicating at any of the above mentioned email addys, send me something at and confirm you’re online with me still and ready to rock & roll. For those yearing for the full BN experience, fear not! A new group is in the makings (on a private, non-TOSable server) and will debut in the coming couple of weeks.

As for this blog, it’s going to go harder, faster, better, stronger in the upcoming weeks. I plan on dishing the HELL out of things, keeping everyone up-to-date and the postings fun. This little setback will only make me push harder. Besides, it’ll be good fodder for my bringing-down-the-house Oscar acceptance speech early next year… *wink*

Look for a full blogger tomorrow afternoon. Just wanted to let everyone in on the issue.