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August 2004

Location: Philly… Vegas… Cabo San Lucas… Back in SA (Whew!)

Just thought i’d tempt with another sneak-peak from my new photoshoot. This is one of my favorites and i wanted to post it up ASAP. Whadda’ya think boys?

Big time apologies for not posting in a timely manner these past couple of weeks. The travel has been awesome, but a bit tiresome. I’m home for a week right now and then headed to the biggest party of them all: Southern Decadence 2004. Expect the pics from that journey to be anything but proper. In the past couple of weeks, i’ve headed off to Vegas with newbie escort-wonderboy Myke Nichols, enjoyed the hell out of Philly and capped it all off with the beautiful beaches of Cabo, where Mexican hospitality all but kills my want to head back to the states. Beautiful? You friggin’ bet 🙂

Las Vegas with Myke you ask? Where do i start? It was his first trip out there and we decided to go in-style with a penthouse @ Bellagio. Show-wise, we headed to O and Zumanity for a Cirque overdose… both shows were fantastic. Gypsy (danceclub) at night provided for some hot grinding, shirtless boys and enough head-turning at us as a couple to make me smile on more than one occasion. We made a pretty hot tag-team while in Sin City and it was a kick-ass way to introduce him to this industry. He had a ball… several, actually 😉

Oh, so you want naughty details now? Well, let’s say that Myke’s a very versatile boy with a long, thick tool that’ll have you on your knees faster than a Catholic at the pew. He’s privy to getting facefucked as well. *ahem* Was that too much info? lol.

On a singular basis, Philly was amazing. I was introduced to the best damned cheesesteak in the world by a great friend of mine and strangely enough, it wasn’t made in Philly. Try South Jersey! Who’da thunk it. I also had the chance to head to Wheaton Village, a craftsman art colony where glassblowing is the main attraction. Since i’m wacko over Dale Chihuly’s work with glass, this was JUST up my alley. Very cool demonstrations and some amazingly gifted wood, glass and plastic workers. It was an afternoon well-spent and someplace i’d love to get back to, as the artists are up close and personal and really love what they do. Having true passion about something is irresistably addictive…

Speaking of Dale Chihuly, anyone notice his custom-made glass onstage at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in Miami? Very interesting piece.

Cabo. Freaking beautiful. Here’s a view from the Villa i was shacking up at:

Is it wrong of me to want to stay in Mexico, kicking and screaming? lol. The weather was perfect, the sun strong and the food MUY EXCELLENTE! It was the perfect escape from a month of ratracing: No cell phones, internet or real schedule. Added bonus came in having to wear very little clothing the whole weekend: Speedos during the day, shirtless with shorts at night. Awesome. I wanna go back. It’s currently dirt-cheap thanks to hurricane season. The place was almost empty and the place was perfect because of it…

Enough travelogue! The WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK website is Check out resident stud Myke Nichols (aka, Ashton Meyers) in their feature flick ‘Str8 Jocks, Big Cocks.‘ Also take the time to browse through their ‘boys’ for some pretty hot pics. It’s all free and the flicks look to be homegrown, but hella hot.

Headed to Southern Decadence 2004 on Friday, so anyone out there traveling to the Big Easy, keep an eye out for me and say hey if we bump (naked probably) into eachother 🙂 You can also look for me on the bar at Corner Pocket and Oz. I think i may be the only gay guy to head to Decadence and NOT get fucked up in any way, shape or form. Just look for the sober guy in skivvies and you’ll find me. lol.

It’s gymtime, so that means i’m outta here. Thanks for keeping current guys and always feel free to shoot me out an E: