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July 2004

Location: … Flying home from London. YEEHAW!

Ahoy mateys from the cabin of a Continental 777 flying somewhere over the water, hopefully in the direction of San Antonio by ways of Newark. Getting online from a plane has never been easier (or cheaper) and soon we’ll have high-speed wireless net to look foward to on US carriers.

I’ve also heard about cellphone technology soon being allowed on American Airline flights: JUST SAY NO!!! The last thing a whole cabin in the sky needs to hear is joe-shmoe making kissy noises to his wife back in rural Louisana. Added, it seems that some businessmen don’t quite realize that their voice carries quite easily in an enclosed space and therefore i have gotten some pretty juicy Fortune 500 gossip, along with great stock tips.

Maybe the cell barrage won’t be so bad afterall? *grin*

London was smashing as always. Weather was cooperative, the boys of Villa Gianni were primed and ready to rock and Heaven @ Charing Cross was spinning the latest tunes for the hottest guys this side of the ocean. Yum indeed. I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about British guys that make me flip out… I think it’s the accent. Friggin hot in any respect. It seems that if you’re an American, they’re all over you. Coulda been worse 😉

Must-do’s while in London: Star Indian cuisine on Earls Court Rd (open till 5am), a walk through Old Compton for a gander at the gaylife and seeing ‘Jerry Springer the Opera’ before it closes shop and heads to San Fransisco in fall 2005. Hotel of choice? The K+K George in Earls Court is distinctively decorated, very clean, friendly with hot bellboys and serves a smashing breakfast (which is included in your room rate if you book through their website).

So, the pic above was a recent snapshot on my webcam of my new ‘do. It’s close to being cropped millitary-style, but was left with a stripe of hair down the middle for a conservative MoHawk when i want. GOODTIMES! I was looking to get rid of my longer hair and this was the perfect cut: Easy to take care of, keeps me cool and less to shampoo. Me likey.

This coming week takes me into Vancouver. Never been, so this should be a pretty interesting trip. While i’m not taking any additional meetings while there, if you happen to see me walking down the streets with my typical grin and sporting a MoHawk, come up and say hello. If you’re super-nice, maybe i’ll let you touch it… er, umm… meaning the hairdo. lol.

Free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK mention goes to Two words: FUCKING HOT. Please excuse my French, but this site could keep me jacking for days and days. It’s got hot REAL guys, very little-to-no nudity and simply amazing shirtless shots. It’s erotic, it makes me drool and it’s this week’s fit of fancy for those into true amateurs & str8 guys. Check it out.

I’m getting hard just thinking about that site. Crazy, no? lol.

Kudos to fellow escort Devon for keeping his head up and his site A+. Check out his latest trials and tribulations HERE. He’s a fighter, no doubt, and is really one of those most impressive guys in this industry i’ve seen.

August will also bring travels to Cabo San Lucas, Palm Springs, Vegas and Philly. I look foward to taking some pics and adding awesome new content to and my YAHOO GROUPS site throughout. Early September will soon bring a trip to this year’s Decadence 2004 in New Orleans. Stay tuned for more info on that one boys. GuysGoneWild perhaps?

It’s time for a nap, so i’m outta here for now. Thanks for keeping up fellas.