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June 2004

Location: The Alamo City

The skies here in SA might look a bit tornado-ish, but personally, i feel MUCH better than i did from my last entry. The doc says i’m at about 80%. Goodtimes.

A big thanks to those of you who took the time to shoot out an email with well-wishes. I was gladly shocked at how many emails i got from various people who keep up with the blog and wanted to make sure i was doing alright. Thanks guys. I really can’t tell you how much i appreciated the gesture. In any event, it made me smile and when you’re sick, ANYTHING counts towards making you feel better…

A big thanks to HooBoy and the crew at M4M for making me ‘Coverboy of the Day’ today. If you haven’t been to his site lately, check out the brand-new ‘E Briefs’ section. Also click the ‘Donate’ link to shoot HB some monetary appreciation for all the hard work that goes into the site.

Mystery Rumor of the Week: Will Benjamin Nicholas soon be debuting a line of underwear geared towards those of us who prefer ‘briefs and nothing butt…’ Things are currently being tinkered with and sometime in the near future you may see a pair of BN Briefs on a guy near you.

Drumroll please… THE free WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK AWARD goes to a little know Yahoo Group featuring the images of Brett Everett, a newbie hottie in the world of porno with some pretty impressive physical assets. Everett’s just now hitting his stride in porno, but starting doing videos with’s Cruisemaster. Harboring just a bit of controversy, Everett has done some bareback work as well. The pics in the Yahoo Group are VERY hot, from all sorts of projects he’s done and best of all, FREE. Jerk em’ and enjoy boys.

Why is it every time i head into Costco, i can’t leave without buying something of Delta Burke-esque proportions? Just a random thought there.

I’ve just finalized plans to head down to Rio in September. I’m quite excited about this first-time trip, as all of my other Brazillian travel has been into Sao Paulo. If anyone’s got any ‘Rio Tips’ for me, i’d love to hear from you. Shoot me an E sometime and give me the scoop on anything needed to know. I also need to renew my Visa, so if anyone out there can recommend an online alternative, i’d be most appreciative. In lieu of massive thanks, i’ll simply promise to take pics of all my Rio exxxploits…

*evil grin*

For those who have emailed and asked about scheduling time while i’m in NYC: I am headed up there only to meet with a friend and will not be seeing anyone else. I appreciate the awesome emails, but will only have a limited amount of time in the Apple. I will, however, let everyone know if i make it up there on a freelance basis.

Also, saw a thread on HB’s Message Center asking whether or not i still took hourlies, as most or all of my reviews mentioned longer amounts of time spent with me. To set things straight, i still do take hourlies but on a very limited basis, as traveling is keeping me out of San Antonio for no more than 4 days a month. 98% of the people who contact me tend to want more than just an hour, so it’s always worked out that hourlies aren’t a huge part of what i do. I don’t dislike them, but simply don’t prefer the typical ‘blow & go’ feeling that a singular hour provides. To each his own.

Golden Gossip Gem of the Week: … What West Coast escort recently changed his working name to garner better review writings after his original name was bashed with wicked words? This babe is also a budding Billy Brandt with several small turns in filmed boy-on-boy butt bopping. His new reviews & persona may not carry an image, as that would be a dead-giveaway, but strangely enough the writing style on either ‘name’ remains the same. Interesting indeed.

That’s all for this week guys. See ya in the funny papers 😉