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May 2004

Location: a Continental Airline’s 777

You know something… I can forgo the hot towel before the meal, but dammit if i will pass up a chance at some warm nuts.


I’ll be here all night folks. Don’t forget to tip your flight attendant…

In-flight comedy. Gotta love it.

The pic above is me modeling a new shipment of AussieBum briefs, which is now my new favorite undergear to wear. AussieBum not only has hot style, they also have one helluva website for eye-candy galore, showing the USA why Australian guys are at the top of the heap in terms of hot factor. *grin* Yum.

So, i’m taking this new workout supplement called ‘Andro,’ otherwise known as Androstenedione. It’s a precursor to testosterone production and has really defined and muscled out my body in the past month or so of taking it. BTW, it’s also perfectly legal and being sold at GNC’s and supplement stores around the country. Some of you also might remember this as the drug that Mark McGuire used during his outstanding season as ultimate homerun king with the Cardinals. So far, this drug has maximized my workouts, kept my energy up, shown great results, all without any side-effects as a stand alone or with my other supplementation.

Why am i sharing? Because the FDA is now zero’ing in on Andro, just as they did with Ephredra, which went illegal in early April. Think about this: 7 people died from Ephedra overdoses altogether. It was found that they didn’t observe recommended dosage and subsequentially died from complications. Now, think about the number of people that die from aspirin (overdoses and otherwise) every year. A MUCH larger number. Why isn’t the FDA cracking down on aspirin then? Interesting.

Ephedra, when following recommended dosages, was a safe & viable way to boost energy and loose wieght. Slowly, but surely, the FDA is showing their ‘Big Brother’ tendencies and not allowing people to make their own SAFE decisions. It’s just offensive to me that an orginization like the FDA thinks they know what’s best for me without even hearing every side of the story.

What can i say? I’m an American. I’ve gotten hooked on choice 🙂

But anyway… Just wanted to share that piece of info. It pisses me off, but feels good to share my opinion with others in hopes of some emailed responses.

Okay guys: THE WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK award goes to… What a great site to get some serious wrist workout. I first discovered this site through GayBeef, another amazing free site that has been recommended before on this blog. is filled with everything from hung jocks to twinkish boys with tousled hair, all easy to navigate and condusive to one-handed clicking.


Just remember not to spill any lube on the keyboard while you’re on this site. A few months ago, Dell didn’t seem to understand my plight when calling in due to ‘Electrical-Lube Malfunction’ with my former keyboard. There really needs to be a seperate warranty for guys who continually jerk-off at the computer, risking ‘lube failure.’

In the words of Judy Tenuta: ‘It could happen’

With that, the flight attendant has just let me know that it’s time to stow my toys and get ready to land. Will write more this weekend. I’ve definitely got something ready to roll that involves a well-known ‘straight’ celeb and his longtime boyfriend seen with my own two eyes in the recent week. Very interesting indeed. Stay tuned.