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April 2004

Location: London’s History… Just home from LA (again)

The rather obtuse looking pic above is me spending some quality time with Disney Symphony Hall in downtown LA… An amazing building from the mastermind design of Tornoto-boy-does-good Frank Gehry. The audio tour is highly recommended with some great narration from John Lithgow, taking you throughout the new arts facility and pointing out some obscure factoids about the layout.

I’m sure a Jeopardy ‘Daily Double’ is being written about this place as we speak. I can almost hear Trebek’s smug delivery now. He’s such a little turd, isn’t he? Some laughable gossip: He still lives with his mother in Beverly Hills. Figures.

In any event, i also had a chance to catch the opening week of Mamma Mia at the Pantages. It was my first time seeing the show and honestly, i’m not sure if it was something i would see again. It wasn’t bad, but the book was non-existant and surprisingly, the music of ABBA was not rearranged in any sort of creative manner. It was fluff, but entertaining fluff. Added, most of the male crew in the show were well-built and shirtless for most of the show: Always an added bonus *grin*

… with that, let’s get to the always-free WHACKOFF SITE O’ THE WEEK. is a one-stop-shop for everyone’s tastes. I highly recommend the Erotic Stories. Some of the writing is just plain hot. The site also features a good mix of amatuer sites to link to, all with free galleries which will keep you busy for hours. Few pop-ups and lots of content make this site a truly awesome place to bust a nut.

On a more personal note, i’m sad to say that i had an unpleasant experience with Nair for Men a few days ago. It was a tragic situation to say the least. Needless to say, it’s the last time i’m using it on my upper thighs and if i weren’t so afraid people might wretch, i’d post images of the damage. It literally burned me, leaving small lacerations. NOT COOL. I suppose my skin is more sensitive than i had thought, but thankfully it’s healing quite nicely… Just in time to look good-as-new for my upcoming trip to Chicago this weekend. The proceeding message was brought to you by ‘The Concern Citizens for a Smooth-Upper-Legged Society’ and serves as a warning to those considering using the product.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Death by Nair. It could happen. I can almost hear it now:

‘He wasn’t a chronic chemical dipilatory user *sob* IT WAS ONLY HIS FIRST TIME!’

So yeah, i bought a new washer/dryer. It’s pretty exciting, as it’s my frist real pair of my own and they’re rather nifty, with more gadgets & gizmos than a sex shop. Look here to check out these primo GE babies. I’m still figuring out how to use them, but dammit if it hasn’t been fun. Finding pleasure in the little things through life are always the most fun, dont’cha think? *grin*

A big thanks to Mister Joe in LA (you know who you are) for making me grin and giving me kudos for this journal. Your eyes, among other bodyparts, are much appreciated…

One more thing before i wrap this up. I’m now working on a project with which might have Benjamin writing something on a weekly basis or *gasp* daily. I’m still brainstorming as to WHAT people would be compelled to read, so if anyone out there has an idea, shoot it over to I was thinking of a ‘Page Six’ (for those NY Post readers out there) of the escort world. I might not make too many friends, but it’d be a helluva read. *shrugs* Who knows.