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March 2004

Location: Fort Meyers/South Beach, Florida

Bronzed surfer boys. Everywhere. I think i’m in heaven and Southern Florida is filled with beautiful toe-headed, tight-bodied boys. Methinks i want to live here in the future… I would make a PERFECT dirty old man someday in this atmosphere. *grin*

Florida is an interesting state: You’ve got the chincy schmaltz of Orlando and the whole Disney empire, the nightlife and outer beauty of Miami and the blue-hairs who frequent all places in-between. There seems to be a little something for everyone. Personally, i’m a beach guy. If it were up to me, life would be shirtless & barefoot all the time with the sun shining down while catching some killer surf. It’s not realistic, but hell, i can dream… can’t i?

Other than being a beachbum, i also had a chance to tour a wildelife refuge just outside of Naples. Seeing a croc up close and personal is quite a sobering experience. At first they looked quite dosile, still and rather rubber, but with a top speed of 30mph, you certainly don’t want to stand too close. In a strange way though, they were quite beautiful. I have a great respect for anything living and seeing a mammal in 2004 that hasn’t evolved much since the Jurrasic Era is pretty amazing to me…

I saw the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake recently. IT’S AWESOME. Run, don’t walk, to see it. On other movie news notes, the new Angelina Jolie flick ‘Twisted’ is terrible. What’s even scarier is having to watch the once-cute Ethan Hawke try to find decency in a badly written role. Hawke himself is starting to just look ragged… Nothing like the hottie i remember him as in ‘Gattica.’ What a shame. Jolie on the otherhand is beautiful, but nothing more than lending her star-power to an otherwise crappy film. Don’t waste your time guys.

My pick for FREE PORN SITE OF THE WEEK goes to The site is all amatuer, mostly self-submitted and the best thing…. it’s all FREE! I’m not getting paid to advertise here guys. These are all sites that i too enjoy when the time cums and find particularily hot. Don’t forget to check out the HUGE archives on this site. It’s amazing.

NEWS FLASH: I’m posting this here first just to see how many people actually read this thing. I’m headed out to LA in mid-April for a week to check things out and stay with another escort-friend who’s being a pal and letting me shack with him. I’ll have specific dates posted on HooBoy’s site in the coming week, but for now am still keeping a bit under wraps. Email me ( guys if yer interested in hooking up while i’m in the City of Angels.

This coming week i’m headed to London for a short jaunt and then it’s out to the Carribean for some shiptime in the Mexican Riviera. Photos to follow on my YAHOO GROUPS SITE in the very near future. Stay tuned for more changes to as well.

Be safe. Be well.