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January 2004

Location: San Antonio

Ah, vacation… The three sweetest syllables in the english language. Nothing to do but a little laundry and make sure the house remains in clean shape. Exciting, eh?


I’ve spent the past few days with an open agenda. It’s been a good time for me to play catchup on a few DVD’s i’ve been meaning to watch, get extra gymtime and just relax a bit. The next couple of months are going to be REALLY packed with international travel and having a chance to be lazy for a few days beforehand is always a plus.

Advice from a good friend may soon put my face online, live & in-person. I’m seriously considering putting a webcam feature on this site in the near future. Now, what may happen onscreen is still left to the imagination, but i’m sure it be something to peak people’s interests. Right now it’s a matter of how fast my cable connection can run so i don’t end up with a choppy video feed going out. There’s nothing worse than looking at a half-naked guy and having speed bumps along the way 😉 lol.

The weather here in San Antonio has been more Seattle than anything South Texas. It’s been rainy for most of the week, with dreary clouds hanging out. A good week for reading i might say. I’m currently finishing up Michael Moore’s ‘Stupid White Men’ and the full-line OfficeMax catalog.

Yes, i do have a mild obsession with office products. I’ve admitted my little habit and can now move onto the second step of this help program: Weening myself off of OfficeMax visits. I could literally spend hours in an OfficeMax finding products that i really have no need for. Honestly i don’t have any use for a shredder that also chips CD/DVD’s, but just the thought of being ABLE to do so is exciting.

It’s frightening how the people of my generation are such born consumers.

Off to the gym…