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December 2003


First week of the website in full operation. I’m super happy with the clean layout, the positive emails recieved about things & a webmaster/desiger who’s really in-tune with the whole direction of the site. Working with intelligent people make life so much easier and productivity lightining fast.

Spent some of this week in the LA/W. Hollywood area and had a very short trip to Mexico City. I’ve seen LA before, but Mexico City was a first. Total opposites on the Frommers scale, but both loads (… and i mean loads) of fun. Mexico City was interesting in that we were constantly being guarded by large men packing guns with silencers. A little frightening, but definitely a feeling of safety. I wasn’t aware of how crime-ridden Mexico City actually was. I would still consider it a very European city in feeling, but with a small rouge element, much like New Orleans. One second you’re looking at million dollar villas and the next you’re smack-dab in the middle of the ghetto.

It’s mildly amusing watching an Irishman in a Mexican Ghetto… It really is. I stood out like Marilyn Manson at a Yanni concert.

LA & West Hollywood were fun places as well. Had some nice dinners, one of which was at The Ivy, a resturaunt where you see no less than 4 celebrities every night. The food was amazing, but the gossip picked up seemed even tastier. A quick rundown of the place saw Robert Redford, Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore, an incognito Paris Hilton (wearing a black wig) and a leisurely Jack Nicholson. An interesting mix of characters and a very enjoyable evening overall.

Let me also apologize to the ‘HooBoy’ group of guys who regularly meet at Numbers. I was invited to attend while in LA, but was unable. I really appreciated the gesture & will definitely make it in the near future. It would be a real treat to meet with some of the MC live and in person…

Tomorrow i’m headed out of San Antonio for a week’s worth of diving in the Cayman Islands. Hope to snap some new images, catch some sun and refresh my diving skills into something more tangible. Headed back into the states just in time to celebrate the holidays with the family.

Unluckily for me, i’m headed out of town right in the middle of a move. Nothing major (yet). Just from one side of SA to another, but it’s still amajor pain in the arse. I suppose this will get me ready for the bigger move that comes in August 2004… Headed back up to Chicago (my hometown) to start my Advertising Masters at Northwestern.

Alrighty: Hope to have some kick ass shots to share when i get back and thanks guys for taking the time to read over my site. Your eyes (and otherwise) are most appreciated 🙂