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Eye Candy

Okay, it’s been since the dark ages that this blog has gotten some update love and thanks to some well-placed emails and catty commentary, it’s about time for something to get posted on 15mm. It’s not that I don’t want to write, but more a matter of time… The past month has been bogged down with international trips and starting this Monday, I’m taking holiday through Christmas in South Florida. Beginning January 1st, it’s back to blogging hardcore. That very well may be a promise I can keep through 2010. We’ll see.

For now, I’m appeasing the masses with a major personal pic update (linked by clicking the above pic) and another ridiculous round of flash-based Eye Candy goodness. I’m still getting used to posting in flash format, so bear with me on not being able to yet control the speed at which these pics go. Just think of it as a hands-free experience that leaves you more ability to focus on other, harder things. Also, please do keep in mind that from here on out on 15, the EC will return to it’s full XXX-rated glory. Definitely NSFW:


On the Google Gallery, look for new muscle pics, snaps from a recent trip to Greece, Spain and Tunisia and refresh on some of my more wacky looks from years past. Anyone remember the mohawk? That was fun. What about the shoulder-length hair? Yeow. I must have lost my damned mind.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy holiday and a safe NYE,