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Wow… My first entry in my ‘blog’ on An interesting feeling knowing that some may tune into this weekly ranting to see what I’ve been doing. Hell, then I’d better make sure it’s some pretty decent stuff, right? * snicker *

There’s a part of my that would like to publish names, honest truths and stories, but it’s not always in people’s best interests. Let’s stick to assumed names to protect those who do incredibly stupid things, okay? Maybe as support increases, I can begin to open things up a little more. Although, please be aware that I will NEVER speak of my guys or what happens privately between us….

Why must all escorts I meet be manic, depressed and deprived people? Normality isn’t always plentiful in this industry. Recently, I had an escort from the West Coast stay with me here in San Antonio for a bit and it became painfully clear to me that he truly hates his profession. It was insane because he allows himself to become more fucked up because he’s too lazy to go out into the world, finish an education and join the land of the living. After awhile I was beginning to feel like an asshole for taking him in. I was treated without any hospitality and things turned even further south when he mumbled some racial slurs. Not cool.

He suddenly vanished in a cloud of dramatic smoke and life was thankfully back to normal. If that was the way I had to live as an escort, I know for sure that I couldn’t handle it. Just too unstable.

I’m convinced that one can escort, save his money and plan for a future. Is it really that tough? Hell, is it even that much tougher to remain MENTALLY stable in this industry? If escorts would just loosen up, try to enjoy an opportunity and not focus so much on treating everyone like an ATM, then maybe they wouldn’t find things so bad.

Ok, ok, ok… This is getting long, so I’ll just leave you with thoughts of next week’s blog and my trip into LA. This is gonna be fun 😉