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Location: Middle of Nowhere

There’s nothing like a relaxing few days in the absolute

middle of nowhere to make you feel great again…

Picture it: Beautiful plot of land, amazing & cozy home in

the middle with a lake to finish off this postcard reality.

No cellphones and just a good book to entertain.

It was heaven 🙂

Tomorrow takes me to LA for the Valentines weekend and then

it’s going to be a weeklong in Fiji for some scuba. Lately

it seems like just stopping to catch my breath will result

in a backlog of both emails & day-to-day errands. A

vacation for myself is in the works for sometime in April

with location undetermined, but total isolation is a

definite *grin*

Luckily, today is a day spent here in San Antonio. Tonight

brings an evening meeting, then comes the familiar task of

packing my gear for a weekend away. This weekend stings a

bit more, due to the fact that i’m leaving my partner

behind on Valentine’s Day. He’s an amazing guy for

understanding my travel schedule and someday soon he’ll get

the appreciation he deserves…

But for now, i’m an asshole.