The terms of my parole say I need to include this quick public service announcement:

If there’s one thing I can’t communicate enough to a younger gen thinking about getting into the adult industry (or even posting nudes on social media) is that the internet never, ever forgets.  If you upload it, it will never again ‘be yours,’ no matter how much you argue, complain or sue. Some fortune cookie advice: The harder you try to run from your past, the more it tends to catch up.  If you’re going to take a fork in the road- or a filmed fuck in the road, as the case might be– be aware of how it will affect your life, how people interact with you because of it and, in return, how you’ll need to handle people from that point onward.

I myself am reminded of this advice every so often, most recently at my home gym in Dallas where guys either a) stare at me in a let’s fuck sort of way or b) stare at me in a you’re a goddamned filthy whore… and I still want you to fuck me sort of way. Years ago, I’d let this kind of thing get to me, chipping away at my confidence.  I knew that if I didn’t come to grips with the choices I’ve made, I’d spend the rest of my life making excuses for them.  The reality check here is that being an adult means making adult decisions:  There are times when you’re a face-front male escort that you’re going to be recognized, approached and socially handled in all the wrong ways.  When that happens, you have adult choices to make.

Bottom line: A lot of people’s negativity is based in envy and that’s fine.  I can accept that more easily than someone just being a natural born prick.


Let’s jump right into a recent visit to the middle East, spanning about 10 days and covering Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  I’ve visited Dubai multiple times before, but decided this trip to rent a car and drive to Abu Dhabi, a city I’ve wanted to see for awhile.  It’s older than Dubai, more established, less glitzy and full of incredible culture.  At only a 1+ hour drive from Dubai, this was an easy side trek.

Full disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of Dubai.  It’s always the company I keep that makes a city like Dubai enjoyable.  Sure, the buildings are enormous, the hotels wacky and the shopping malls gargantuan, but like Las Vegas, it’s a city that wears thin after a couple of days.  Even in winter, the temps can hit 90F, so there’s not exactly a shoulder-season for visiting when you’re not going to sweat your balls off.  Summertime is a brash whore:  120F+.  Insane.  No one needs to be that moist 24 hours a day.

The alcohol situation there is ridiculous at best. Paying $50USD for a cocktail at a hotel is against my moral fiber and everything my gin-drinking mother would rally against.  Pro tip: You can somewhat skirt this cash rape by hitting duty free when you land at DXB and bring a couple of bottles to your hotel room.



Speaking of the airport, they have some of the largest, most well-designed airline lounges I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.  If you’re fortunate enough to have access to Emirates first class lounge, plan a couple of hours extra to sit, relax, eat and enjoy a massage before getting back onto your flight home.  If you’re in other terminals, the Ahlan and Marhaba lounges are good picks and offer full sit-down meal service, full bars, etc.  While the gold standard at DXB is definitely Emirates product, it’s impossible to access that lounge unless you’re on a paid premium class ticket.  Not always easy if you’re burning miles.

So, okay, I know you’re all wondering it… Yep, Grindr works in Dubai.  Quite well.

It’s actually packed to the gills with guys, as it’s one of the only outlets for men to exchange quick information.  The tap-and-fuck contingent was still there, but in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Grindr served a real purpose in asking where gay men go to socialize.  We ended up getting recommendations to hotel bars that have specific nights that seem to attract a larger contingent of guys- A lot of these spots seem to be popular with the flight crews.  The dynamic at these places is really strange, as the locals tend to stand around the dance floor, just intensely watching, while the foreigners are the ones who push the social envelope.  Plan on getting eye-fucked a lot, but when push comes to shove, don’t plan on anyone coming over to seal the deal.

Grindr also is the most easy, basic way to find a close-by guy to hook up with.  However it’s not without some safety concern, as the platform can also be accessed by the police if they wanted to.  Just use your big head and gut instinct. 

Side-stepping from this a bit, I’ve gotten a number of emails regarding ‘a new voice’ here on 15MM, one that’s more sexual, more ‘liberated’ I’m told.  I guess that’s not too far off from the truth, but really, I’ve always been a common-sense, body confident, sexually free, no bullshit sort of guy.  In spending a number of years cultivating what I now see as a comfortable, natural circle of clientele, I don’t feel the need now to be anything but myself.  Sharing my travels, my life and some of the sex I have is fun for me, mainly because I no longer feel the need to ‘say the right thing’ or carefully craft a persona.

To quote Mister Rogers…  I like me just the way I am.  Based on the emails I’m getting, I think most of you feel the same way.


I was asked to hit up Grindr to see if I could make a group scene happen, which is usually not a problem, but not having a ton of experience with this in Dubai, I was unsure.  It didn’t take long to find a third, it didn’t take long for him to get to the hotel (he was at a hotel next door) and it didn’t take long to figure out that he was hung like a camel.  While I’ve been asked not to share what exactly went down, I can share this guy’s pic.  His insane cum shot alone was worth the 16 hour flight.

Woke up the next morning with what I call a great-sex hangover (sea legs, chapped lips, sore ass), hit the gym and then we headed out onto the E11 to spend a few days in Abu Dhabi.  It’s an easy drive on a very, very large, well maintained highway system- Nearly a total straight line the whole way there.  This would definitely be considered the ideal drive for giving or receiving road head.  If you’re hungry for more than just dick, I also recommend stopping at the Last Exit food truck park, just off the highway.  It’s a wacky, campy, highly-themed compound that’s a middle East design of a 1950s Americana pastiche.  Don’t forget to look in the men’s bathrooms…  Just trust me.  Even Disney would be envious of this level of theming.


My main goal for Abu Dhabi was to spend time at the Grand Mosque.  I’ve seen pictures of it since it was finished in 2007 and aside from the impressive massive structure itself, I’ve always wanted to see the detail work that went into having 3,000 contractors and artisans create this place.  Driving up, the scale of it is so overwhelming that you can’t help but have an emotional reaction to seeing it for the first time.  It’s magnificent.

I was under the impression that if you wanted to walk into the actual structure, men would need long pants and shirts that covered their elbows.  Women need to cover their heads, shoulders and knees.  I saw many variations from this, but would recommend respectfully sticking to it so there aren’t any issues.

Everyone is barefoot or in socks.  No shoes are allowed, but they’ve installed a very smart numerical system to store them while you’re touring.

I’d recommend coming around 5:30-6pm to catch the call to prayer and watch the sunset against the brilliant white of the Mosque.



In whole, we spent a couple hours self-touring, but you can easily spend an entire afternoon here, enjoying the space, the detail work and watching people’s reactions to being in one of the largest and most intricate places of worship in the world.  While the religious side of it didn’t do much for me, the materials used to build and the quality of workmanship was incredible.  It’s a design that begs to slow down, stop and look.  Look close.  Appreciate the skill it took.



In addition to email about the seriously sexed-up changes here, I also was asked about the recent lack of more adult questions on my Q&A Askfm page.  So after violating their TOS one too many times with candid pics and answers, they wiped my page and asked that I keep it cleaner than before.  I said yes with the intent to find a new platform that wouldn’t put so many rules on how I answer questions… So far, I haven’t found one.  I’ve been answering a steady stream of vanilla and sadly, have to archive the chocolate.  I’ll likely just post the more scandalous stuff here, so keep submitting anything you might want to know on the ASKfm page and I’ll get to it.  Much appreciated.

In closing, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a gallery of pics here on the blog.  The bulk of my images can continue to be found HERE, but here’s a sneak-peek of some recent shots.



My trainer is keeping my body on-point and for once in my life, I’m in a comfortable cycle of eating clean/healthy without feeling like I’m missing out.  Freshly has definitely helped me with that last 10% of where I want my body to be.  Like I told my trainer when I started working with him, I want to have the kind of body that at anytime I can peel off my shirt (or shorts) and feel confident that everything is right where it needs to be for a guy my size.

Next up on 15MM:  Another K-spa visit, New Year’s Eve in Chicago, a (gay) guys trip to Puerto Vallarta and an upcoming visit to the happiest, most devoid of culture, place on Earth: Orlando.  If children in strollers don’t kill me, the lure of theme park churros will.  #OhSweetBabyJesus.

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Thanks for staying tuned.  Be well,