A quick weekend trip to Houston meant a re-visit to one of the better gay baths in Texas.  Club Houston, while in a pretty sketchy part of Downtown, is still the largest, cleanest and most complete facility in the state.  Not really on par with Steamworks Chicago from a sexy atmosphere standpoint, but it’s large, has a huge pool/steam/spa area and clearly keeps their place in really clean, really new condition.

Checked in. Got settled in a room upstairs (plasma TV, window overlooking showers). Never been much into wearing a towel, so suited up in a skintight pair of CIN-2s.


For midnight, it was about 80% full- all ages, shapes.  Nice mix of guys.  Checked out the gym, which I remember was pretty huge for a bath.  Sadly, they’ve downsized it, taking away a lot of the equipment but from the looks of it, they plan on expanding the play areas into the empty space.  Still more than enough heavy rocks to get the job done.  If I were in Houston more often, this would definitely be a fun place to lift on a regular basis.  Grunt, sweat, blow and go.

Took a couple of laps upstairs.  Friendly, verbal crowd without being touchy.  Dark maze area was nicely lit in red LEDs (makes everyone look about 10 years too young).  While there was a lot of traffic, there wasn’t a lot of public play…  Clearly, this place is more comfortable with you taking it back to your room.  The anthesis of what Steamworks promotes, which is where I admittedly have been a part of many, many public group scenes.  You don’t have time to discuss the weather when someone immediately drops to their knees and starts sucking your dick while the guy behind him is busy lubing up his ass.  You sorta just go with it.

Back in the room I flipped through the 20+ channels of porn and hopped on Grindr to see what other social misfits were cruising digitally in this very real bathhouse setting.  Typically, all the closed doors were filled with Millennials who were on and exchanging room numbers.  It felt so weird in a place designed for face-to-face interaction to be cruising like this, but I suppose it’s the way the younger set now works.  They’re intimidated to just cut the shit.  It’s another reason why so few baths still exist and even fewer are quality facilities.  It’s not like I’m some old toothless guy, but I have zero hangups about sex.  I wish I could say the same for guys today who are in their ’20s.

Grindr notification: Hot cuban guy messages me.  From his conversation, he’s a usual hung top who’s wanting a muscular white guy to pound him for a change.  I can deal with that.  Get his room number and bring my lube.  He’s waiting.  Small, compact and super ripped guy.  Beautiful skin.  Thick, uncut cock.  And he’s a pro:  Pre-lubed ass that’s ready to go.  No foreplay.  No kissing.  Just bend him over and start fucking him out.  Switch positions a few times.  He seems to want me on my back, with him riding my dick.

That seems to work for a little bit, but he seems a little distracted.  I take a break and go to the corner to wipe down a little and when turning back, I see him taking a hit from what appears to be a meth pipe.  Ah, that would explain his amazing abs.

*insert sound of record scratching here*

Nope.  Instant soft cock.  Do not pass go, do not collect a cum shot.  I immediately get my lube, my key and bolt the fuck out of there- I don’t deal with that shit.  In all of my time having fun at baths, this was the first time I had seen someone openly do drugs and it was a huge moment of reality for me in what I have always considered a place for pure carnal fun.  For me, drugs aren’t a part of having fun.  They never have been.  They never will be.

I consoled my fragility by edging to some hot bareback porn back in my cubicle.

After 45 minutes or so of being right on the edge, I opened my door, sat back and continued to stroke for whoever walked by.  I’m no dummy.  I knew this could turn into a total shit show, but thankfully the 8-10 guys who stepped in to watch kept their distance and only seemed interested in watching a muscular guy put on a show. 


I made sure the muscles got flexed and that anyone interested in armpits and feet were well taken care of.  It was going on 3am at that point and I wanted to get my nut, so I stood up, let the guys know I was going to blow and shot 8-12 ropes of cum, far enough to hit a few of them directly.  It was kind of great orgasm that makes you see stars and totally drains you of energy.  If I wasn’t going to timeout of the room, I would have taken a nap right then and there.

Downstairs to shower.  Sidestepped an orgy in the steam room that was way too drunk to actually function.  Pure comedy.  Cleaned up.  Threw on a tank top, shorts, flip-flops and called an Uber back to the hotel.  Slept like a baby for 10 hours.

Travels this week:  Malibu mid-week through the weekend.  Fire Island next week.  Puerto Vallarta and Las Vegas on the immediate horizon.  Also, just booked a trip to the new Park Hyatt property in St Kitts…  Looks absolutely beautiful and I’m excited to share a report here.  On Twitter, I also shared that I’m heading back to Cedar Point.  For roller coaster lovers, it’s what most would consider mecca: 15+ coasters in one of the best amusement parks in the world.  The only downside is getting to Sandusky, OH where it’s located.  There’s no easy, direct way to fly in.  It’s either TOL or CLE and rent a car for a 50-60 mile drive.

However, it’s worth it…  That is, if you’re insane for coasters like I can be.

Safe summer travels to ya’ll,