April 25th, 2018


The cliche for today: With age comes clarity. 

But let’s face it. If it weren’t true, it wouldn’t have become a cliche in the first place.

It took me years to figure out how to directly answer the million-dollar question that most guys all ask at one point:  What really turns you on?  What I said for years was ‘everything’ or ‘whatever turns you on’ and for the most part, I meant that.  Being a jack-of-all-trades comes in handy in this business and you’ll survive much longer if you find a wide variety of activities enjoyable.  The more you box yourself in, the harder things become.  I feel like there’s an impending trend in this business that’s melting Grindr culture and escorting:  Working guys treating their would-be clientele more like casual hook-ups.  With this comes a lot more open discrimination (race/weight/age) and a ton more disappointment from clients who are simply looking for a good experience.  Escorts are not escorts because we want to make guys feel unwanted or ugly.

I digress.  Getting to fuck in every imaginable way gives you some perspective as to what really revs you up.  The more I’ve built up my body, the more I enjoy being dominant but, oddly enough, there’s also this huge on-switch about getting fucked by shorter, more compact guys.  I think it’s the visual opposite that does it for me.  While 90% of my sex life are guys wanting to either service me or have me dominate them, there’s still that little window of my personality that wants to be someone’s slab of meat…  Meat that wants to be pounded out and tenderized.

Other things I’ve grown to appreciate over time: Feet, armpits, buzzed heads, huge loads, muscle worship, gear and even a little piss play.

It’s that little window inside that got me on all fours for a 5’6” muscular Asian guy the last time I hit a bathhouse.  I don’t know if he had me pegged for a guy who wanted his dick in me, but he didn’t need much of a pep talk.  The ultimate compliment was that he fucked me doggy for all of about 30 seconds before blowing his load.  It was a nice start to what turned out to be a relatively boring night.

Dallas is a great city for white guys looking for other white guys and that leaves me a little cold.  See, I’m attracted to guys who look nothing like me: It’s what I prefer.  It’s a little odd to me when I see so many gay men find themselves when looking for someone to date (or fuck).  If I wanted that, I’d just jack off in front of a mirror (which is as sociopathic as it sounds).  Seeing who’s on Grindr is a serious test of patience when 90% of the guys who message me get bent out of shape when I don’t want to meet and fuck.


Travel has been good over the last few months:  Rio, London, Paris, Chicago, New York City, back for a San Antonio visit.  Leaving for a two week cruise this weekend, back in Dallas for a few days and then Hawaii for a full week.  I am looking very much forward to some warm, shirtless weather and metered sunshine.  I’ve been killing it in the gym and it’ll be nice to spend this summer showing it off.   

Here’s hoping you’re all planning some upcoming vacation time…  My motto has always been TRAVEL NOW.  So many people wait until they don’t have the mobility or have really lost their spirit of adventure and at that point, there’s really no use.  The things you learn from being somewhere completely out of your comfort zone are things you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  It’s not learning from a television travel show or a guidebook:  It’s being there.  It’s actually doing it.  It’s allowing yourself to get a little lost, see a corner of the world you’ve never seen before and successfully find your way back.


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