April 2nd, 2018


A simple question posed on my Q&A site was the spark needed to light a fuse of messages, all wanting to know if I’d be sharing a link to a candid hook-up fuck video I was (unknowingly) filmed in.  No faces shown.  Other than bodies, nothing that could be all that identifying.

It was one of many times in my life I’m glad I never got a tattoo.

So it was a Grindr hookup from a Savannah trip several months back, one that I described in a past Q&A answer.  The dude was a compact, nicely-muscled otter.  Not more than 5’7 and had the perfect gymnast frame to be thrown around a bedroom: I literally fucked him hard enough that the legs on his IKEA bed broke.  He was a flexible, great bottom and one of the most verbal guys I’ve ever fucked.  It ended up being a hot video, but I wish he wouldn’t have edited out the cumshot:  I told him I was going to nut, he jumped off my dick and let half the load spray on his face, the rest he swallowed down.  Kid was a pro.

And no, sorry, I’m not sharing the link.  Enterprising sleuths can probably find it on PornHub, although I can’t guarantee it’s not locked down at this point…  It seems the guy has a premium account and might be charging for his stuff.

Since I broke his bed, I think it’s a fair trade-off to not ask about residuals.

A recent conversation over lunch made me confront my own comfort level with the GLBT community.  So, it started with someone at the table asking if I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race: I admitted I didn’t and really wasn’t all that interested in starting to.  The rest of the group chatted excitedly about the different contestants and I was basically at a loss as to why they spent so much time and energy keeping up with this show.  The couple of times I’ve seen it, much of the cast came across as a little dim and the constant sell of RuPaul’s tchotchkes is annoying.  To me, all of his music sounds the same and it’s just telling the same story, over and over.

What bugs me most about the show is that instead of pushing past community stereotypes, the show tends to reinforce them and what’s worse is that it feeds directly to a very wide audience.  To hear young gay men speak like drag queens is not what I consider societal progress.  The community already fights hard enough to get past stereotypes.  This show doesn’t help that.  I’m openly gay, but fuck, I’m still a man.

Over the last few months, I’ve been killing it in the gym with a trainer in hopes of putting on some summer beef.  In 90 days, I went from 190 to 210, staying at a low 8% body fat.  I pair kettlebell training and TRX with bootcamp and for now, it seems to be the perfect solution to my lack of clean diet.

A nice side benefit to amping up at the gym is the natural spike in testosterone and an overwhelming need to regularly blow a load- or two… or three.  Grindr’s been a nice help with that, but having some real-world adventure is nice every now and then.  Hitting the K-spas in Dallas gives me the fun of walking around naked, showing off, soaping up slowly and giving the gents a little show.  The game I play with myself is to see how long it takes before my dick starts getting hard.  The hot baths usually keep things pretty soft, but walking around and watching guys watch me…  I’m going to bone up every time.  Born exhibitionist here.

I know I’ve got backlogged travel to talk about, but gotta save it for the next edition: We’ll talk about a quick trip to Dubai and a full week in Rio for Carnaval (infamously now known as ‘the week I had more dick in me than the 1970s White House’).  In the meantime, I leave for NYC tomorrow and then leapfrog to London and Paris for the next couple of weeks.  The end of this month will have me on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  This month will be packed, stacked and profitable.

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Perhaps this muscle ginger will even get a little sunshine,





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