February 3rd, 2018


Let’s start this one off with something filthy because I’d hate for you think I’m becoming a domestic eldergay who no longer knows the difference between skin moisturizer and stainless steel butt plugs.

I still make a trip down to San Antonio at least once a month, spending the night and finding creative ways to blow off some steam while I’m not actively engaged.  Last visit, I decided to revisit an old haunt- the ACI– otherwise known as the only bathhouse in a Catholic town and not exactly of the Steamworks caliber.  Old building. Old facility. Super dark. Smells a little like your grandma’s attic- that is, if your grandma also hoarded poppers and Mexican cleaning products. The place is clean, but it’s not fancy.  I think it’s the fringe of a place like ACI that can make it even sexier than the perfect hem of Steamworks.  It invites you not just to have sex, but to seriously fuck.

Got in. Got a room. Stripped down to a nice pair of C-IN2 briefs (not into wearing a ratty towel at baths). After a couple of full rounds, the place wasn’t brimming with guys, but the diversity of age and ethnicity was there. Headed over to a dark room with some hot ‘80s porn playing and settled in.  7 guys packed into the space, we were all stroking, watching the video, but mainly watching each other.  It was not lost on me that I had the best body there, so I definitely knew I was putting on the show. For me, this was just priming the pump, but you could tell that a few of the guys were going all in on this jack session.  After a little bicep flexing and showing off an armpit, two of the guys shot their (gigantic) loads on the floor and bolted:  What I commonly call the conceive and leave.

On the way back to my room, I caught the eye of a muscular, compact, handsome 40-something Asian guy, otherwise known as a fucking unicorn in San Antonio.  I zeroed in on him immediately (muscle Asians are a weakness), conveniently bumped into him in the hallway and that was all it took to get the guy to follow me back.

Slam the door. Drop the towel. He’s a full head shorter, but that just makes it easier for him to blow me.  He’s got a great mouth.  His baseball biceps pop as he’s working my dick with his hand.  I figured he’d be ass up in about five minutes with me pounding him out from behind, but things took an interesting turn and he then whispered for me to get on the bed on all 4s.

Sure, why not?  I’m all for role-reversal.

With what I assume was spit, he slammed his dick into me and quickly found his rhythm. Based on the sound of his breathing, his singular and increasingly loud vocabulary of only saying ‘fuck’ and that he wasn’t stopping, I knew this wasn’t going to last very long.  About one minute later, I was right:  He blew his load. Conceive and leave.

…And I wasn’t even carried over a threshold.  I felt so used.

By this time, I hadn’t blown even one load and had been doing nothing but teasing myself for most of the night.  There are times when I am in a bath and want to nut as much as possible, heading back to a room to recover for a short bit and then back out.  There have been nights in Steamworks where I’ve had 5-7 orgasms, all including great cum shots.  But there are other times (like this night at ACI), when I want to edge as much as possible for a few hours, culminating in one, massive load.

Took a shower.  Checked Grindr, chilled out in the room. Watched as the club emptied out, leaving very few of us to figure what options were left.  Seeing the writing on the wall (and that it was now almost 4am), I hit the steam room for a quick visit before hitting the road.  Empty inside when I sat down.  About five minutes in, the door opens and a somewhat drunk, barely 20-something twink sits next to me.  Without saying a word, he leans down, puts one hand against my chest and my dick in his mouth.  I immediately like this kid.

He blows me just long enough to get me rock hard.  He drops his towel, showing off large, uncut meat. Thick. Definitely the kind of dick you’d have to work a little to fit inside of you.  However, based on putting my finger on his hole when he stood up and feeling it was already pre-lubed, I knew this guy wasn’t looking to do anything but get pounded. Sitting against the steam room wall, he reverse-cowboy’d on me, but couldn’t keep his balance for long.  I ended up standing (while still fucking), propping him around against the wall and tagging him from behind. He had a tight ass and clearly knew how to work his hole while being fucked: Even being a little drunk, this kid had his squeeze-release technique down.  Clearly, the public education system hasn’t failed us completely.

If it weren’t for the steam, I could have pounded him for a good 45 minutes.  There was also the issue of now-attracting an audience, with a few guys hearing the loud sounds of hard sex and following the trail like gay bloodhounds. I’m not against fucking in front of people, but this twink was fading fast and if I was going to get off, I was going to need to get it done.

I had planned to just fuck the kid out and bolt, but the crowd in the steam room was growing, guys were getting handsy and after 30 minutes in the steam, I was sweating like some kind of barnyard animal.  So, as a natural-born showman, I decided to give the crowd something to talk about.  Slamming the kid until I hit the brink, I pulled out and sprayed the five guys watching us with my load.  The look on their faces as they got hit in the stomach, arms and chest with a good 10 ropes of nut was a mix of shock and admiration. They didn’t move an inch, so I wasn’t too worried I’d offended anyone.

Showered off, left.  I came- I fucked- I conquered- I came.


Just got back from a week at Amangiri, a tucked-away 30 room retreat in the desert of Point Canyon, UT.  They’re part of a larger resort group called Aman.  Beautiful hotels.  This was my fifth visit to his particular property and I’m planning a full wrap up review on that trip in the next edition.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience and one I can highly recommend if you’re wanting to really slow down, reconnect and enjoy true quiet.

I’m heading back to Rio this week for Carnival 2018!  The main parades at Sambadrome are Sat, Sun and Monday.  I’ll be at a couple of them, but otherwise bumming around the city, the beach, the nightlife and enjoying Brazil’s summertime.  My wardrobe for the next week will be Havaiana flip-flops and about 15 different sungas (a narrow, box-cut men’s swimsuit).  Look for real time updates and pics on my Twitter feed

I’m also planning a trip to Bangkok in March. In planning mode at the moment, but looking for opinions on Qatar vs Emirates vs American business classes.  As much as I want to earn mileage with American, common sense tells me to pickEmirates.  If you’ve got any opinions on this one, you can shoot me an email.  Much appreciated.


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