January 22nd, 2018

Facetune 2

It’s interesting how being well-educated in skincare and plastic surgery procedures, how many emails I get on a weekly basis from people asking questions, about their own future procedures and my personal routines.  Just a couple of nights ago, someone sent this video to me…


From what it looks like, this guy is getting threadlifting done.  While nothing new, it’s a procedure that has a higher than normal rate of infection, has caused disfigurement/scarring and the barbed thread has been known to snap while under the skin.  It’s the lazy man’s ‘facelift in a day.’  There are numerous other procedures that you can get that produce better, longer lasting results with less instance of problem.  Based on what I think is this kid wanting a more chiseled jawline, he could have had a series of Kybella injections, with less stress to his skin and to the musculature of his face.  He also could have looked into traditional lipo or even a couple of sessions of Coolsculpting.  From the looks of it, he clearly wanted fast results and he wanted to turn it into social media content.

Frankly, he should probably invest in a good therapist for what I can only assume is a case of body dysmorphia.  That’s not snarky judgement, but a simple fact when looking at his other pictures.  He’s a handsome kid… And I hope he’s smart enough to not ruin that.

Good skin comes from very simple things:  Regulating UV, moisturizing, lifestyle, water intake and overall diet.  If you smoke, stop.  If you tan, stop.  If you don’t get 6-8 hours of sleep a night, change that.  Drugs might make you feel good, but they make you look like shit.  Alcohol dries you out.  Air pollution is no walk in the park either. Watching the news creates wrinkles.  Watching Fox News can cause spontaneous diarrhea.

Bottom line: I suggest living in a large plastic bubble with a quality HEPA filter attached.

If that’s not an option, I’d start with 8-12 glasses of water a day (upwards of a full gallon if you can handle it), physical activity of some sort, staying protected from the sun and moisturizing.  I’ve been doing a nearly all-Korean skincare routine for years now and it’s been fantastic for me.  The lesson you learn when researching skincare is that the most expensive brands can usually be replicated in much cheaper alternatives.  Spending more on cream and serum does not equal a better or faster-acting product.  You’re just buying into the marketing machine and making other people a ton of money.

As time has passed, I have started supplementing topicals with periodic photofacials, yearly laser resurfacing, Dysport (a Botox-alternative) and Juvederm (a hyaluronic acid facial filler).  The most important thing here is doing the more involved stuff under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon.  Not a nurse.  Not a dentist.  Not a random Asian lady in a small kiosk at the flea market (you think I’m kidding… I’ve actually known people who have done this).  The work I’ve had done was expertly handled by quality doctors who took the shape of my face and overall desired result into consideration.  The tenets of good work are that people around you won’t immediately face-check what you’ve had done.  You just look more alert, rested.

What you don’t want is to go from zero-to-Marie Osmond.  Weight Watchers my ass.

2017-09-07 16.05.04-2_preview

Do any of these procedures hurt?  I would say no, but they’re not exactly comfortable.  You should always have the option of having a lidocaine topical cream put on your face before getting any injection.  Many fillers are already pre-mixed with lidocaine, so it’s numbing immediately as it’s being injected.  I can’t say that anything I have had done has put me in an incredible amount of pain, but I’ve also yet to graduate to major plastic surgery.  Recovery from procedures like brow lifts, lipo, tummy tucks, implants, etc can be difficult (and that alone scares me).  I’m going to micromanage my body and looks as much as possible using the most simple fixes, working out and diet for as long as I can.  I’m certainly not looking forward to major surgery.


On a totally different subject, I watched Call Me By Your Name on a plane ride to London recently.  I expected a lot from the near-unanimous positive reviews, but it felt like the whole film was a very long, very predictable student project.  They really should have named it The Father’s Monologue, as the only grippingly honest scene was near the end.  Michael Stuhlbarg was the standout to me.  His whole story was brilliantly summed up in one heartbreaking monologue.  That’s the power of great writing paired with a capable actor.  Armie Hammer on the other hand can’t act his way out of a paper bag.  It’s no shock to me that Hollywood has tried to make him a household name in a variety of big-ticket pictures…  All of which have fallen flat.

On a positive note, it was a lovely postcard of Italy, reminding me of the way Woody Allen made me feel when watching Midnight in Paris.



Upcoming travels have me heading back to one of my favorite resorts, Amangiri.  Very excited for that.  Also heading to Hawaii (Lihue), Rio for Carnival, more time in Playa Del Carmen, a visit to Key West and doing an Azamara cruise for a couple of weeks out of Asia.  I remain thankful that I’m able to continue this incredible ride and none of it would be possible without the amazing guys I get to spend time with.  I never forget how lucky I am to have the things I have.






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