September 18th, 2017



I updated my GALLERY with some new images: Look for new pics across the board.

For those asking me about Key West, I appreciate it and in-person things looked a lot better than the news media would have you believe.  We got a little water and some wind damage, but it was nothing like what the upper Keys took (or the devastation of Harvey along the TX coastline).  Much of the huge flooding you saw from video in Key West was from areas of town that flood like that after a normal heavy downpour.  Storm chasers and news media focused on what looked the worst.  Typical.

KW is getting back to business with electricity already to about 85% of homes, Comcast trucks working hard to restore internet, mobile phone networks back up and running and local government already taking huge steps forward to get the island into Fantasy Fest (and day-to-day) shape.

Now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that hurricane season quiets down a bit.  It’s not over for nearly another 45 days.


Also, a huge thanks to those who follow my horse & pony show on TWITTER.  I’ve just passed 50k followers and frankly, I’m dumbfounded.  Happy, but dumbfounded.  I know that everyone has migrated to Instagram, but I don’t think that medium is for me.  I like the challenge of being entertaining in a finite number of characters.  It’s a challenge to make it fit, make it flow and get that reaction.

Plus, I got blocked by Donald Trump.  I mean, how much more proud can someone be of that?  When it happened, it was my personal Red-Letter Day.








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