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December 14, 2015

A quick snapshot in Vegas


Colder weather may be here, but that’s never a reason to slack off and not be shirtless-ready.  Prepping for an upcoming month in Key West, where I plan on wearing nothing more than skin tight speedos, an occasional wife-beater and flip-flops.  In a perfect world, I’d prefer going barefoot through life.  Gotta love their version of ‘winter.’  Tons of fun stories to share from this past week in Vegas (and last week in New Orleans).  I don’t think I’ve fucked so much in so little a time period: I’ve been learning to really get into being a verbal, physically dominant jock top and met a couple of awesome bottoms who just couldn’t get enough pounding.  Even got a text message a few days later complimenting me on him still being sore from such a great fuck.

And just for the record, ALL of my play is with rubber.  Condoms Rose, condoms. I don’t care if prep is now the wunderdrug of choice.  So was Fen-Phen…  Think about that one a bit.  If you place your existence in a pill that hasn’t been on the market long enough to determine maintenance drug side-effects, you’re a damned fool.  Bareback is for losers, those who are already dead inside and people who are self-destructive.  My life is valuable.


*drops mic, takes gigantic step off soap box*


More to come on the Q&A, adding new pics to the gallery and generally keeping up with things.  Thanks as always for staying tuned,