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September 2011

Howdy, hola, hello, bonjour and g’day mates.  I do hope everyone is having a most excellent Labor Day holiday weekend.

Just back from Hawaii along with a quick West Coast visit:  Mother Nature is smiling on San Antonio today, as the temps have dropped from the usual 110 degrees to a balmy, Fall-like 90.  A far cry from the humidity of the islands, where I was last week checking out Disney’s newest property Aulani, located on O’ahu. It’s one of their first locations that drops the theme park aesthetic in favor of a quiet, luxe experience.  Disney snagged an absolutely beautiful plot of land for this project, overlooking one of the best beaches in all of Ko Olina.  I’ve got more trip report to come, along with pics, but for now, check out their website…


Today is being spent getting back onto CST, getting to the gym (it’s an arms/legs day) and keeping track of this newly-bleached hair color.  While I’m really enjoying being platinum blond again, it’s a pain in the ass to keep up with.  Weekly toning and re-bleaching is the norm.  This kind of pure white/silver goes yellow at the drop of a hat.  I’m back to being a big fan of Shimmer Lights shampoo, as well as nightly K-Pak treatments to keep me from looking like the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.  Haven’t seen the new shade yet?  Here are some pics to check out:



While I work on the new edition of 15mm, I invite you to check out my other websites out there.  Here’s the rundown:

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Benjamin on Twitter:!/bnicholas

I was emailed this morning asking why I haven’t gotten any new reviews on Daddy’s Reviews Website.  Without boring you with the details of what happened, I can only say that after 75+ glowing reviews, I think what’s been said is more than enough to let others know I’m at the top of my craft.  Even after nearly a solid year of not having reviews updated, I still hold a spot as one of the most reviewed escorts in the industry…  All stellar reviews.  Every one of them.  I currently hold the top spot for reviews on Male Escort Review (or so I’m told by followers on Twitter).  It’s nice to be appreciated for trying to do some real good for what can be a very fringe industry.



Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.  Thanks for staying tuned in (and hopefully, turned on)