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September 2011

After spending extended time on the Greek Islands, I’m getting my time-zone bearings back, marveling at this rainy Texas weather and preparing for an upcoming visit to one of my favorite resorts in the world (Amangiri in UT).  During this 15mm downtime, why not head over to my updated-daily photoblog?  If you’re looking for a BN fix, that’s the best way to catch up and perhaps even catch some less-than-clothed pictures of yours truly.  Click now to see what I may or may not be wearing this Halloween…

If for some reason your browser won’t let you click on the button above, simply click on the PHOTOBLOG button on the left-hand menu.

For the time being, I’ll leave your dirty little minds with a snapshot of one of my favorite body parts:  My legs.  These are legs that, today, cycled 15 miles past the San Antonio Missions.  I’m really getting into biking around the city and as the weather cools down, I see it becoming my main mode of transportation.  It keeps me fit, it’s fun and it’s a perfectly acceptable way for me to wear spandex in public.