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July 2011


It’s summertime and I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time in Chicago, which can only mean one thing:  My membership card at Steamworks is getting a workout and I come bearing adventures to share in this edition of 15mm. Would you expect anything less?

Even after a yearlong absence from their Halsted Street location, in my opinion, the club remains the worldwide go-to ideal for guy-on-guy play.  It’s massive.  It’s clean.  It’s beautifully lit (lots of red, spotlit, LED-based lighting).  What’s better is that the renovations seem to be continuous while the price of admission stays the same.  I can’t fault recession-fuck logic. Some new additions to Steamworks include ‘porn cubbies’ in what were once blank corners (padded semi-private seating and small plasma televisions showing video), a totally revised steam room that’s not only maze-like, but gigantic, and a slew of closed-circuit cams around the club that now allow private room renters to cruise from the comfort of their sling.  If you’re one who would rather watch than perform, it’s the perfect choice for someone just getting their feet wet in the world of gay bathdom.  The price structure has changed for those who are very frequent visitors or locals:  You can now buy into an annual ‘VIP’ card that entitles you to priority room selection (as weekends can get slam packed) and other freebies.  Personally, when it comes to bathhouses, I prefer to keep things quick and simple.  Just give me a one-day pass and a clean towel.



Steamworks gym remains, hands down, one of the best workout facilities in the city of Chicago.  It’s gigantic and the equipment is diverse and spotless.  I always start my adventures at Steamworks with a good weights session.  If I lived in Chicago, it would likely be my gym of choice (even without the added lure of hot sex).  What’s best is that it’s the only gym I’ve worked out at that as long as you’re wearing sneakers, you can basically work out wearing anything else you like.  I’ve seen guys doing full sets of squats in Aussiebum briefs in there.  I prefer a little more coverage and usually go with a small pair of box-cut, ‘70s style gym shorts (ie, the inseam is about 1.5 inches).  Always playing into my sneaker fetish, I top it off with a well-worn pair of grey Adidas cross-trainers (sockless, naturally).  Just writing about it makes me sweat.  *grin*

I’ve got to say that while the facility is still tops, the clientele I encountered on that Friday night left a little to be desired.  Long gone are the days when I have the youthful patience to spend all night at Steamworks and I now prefer finding exactly what I’m looking for, going for the kill and getting the fuck out of Dodge.  I fear becoming one of those old codgers who stalk the young guys for hours on end, ending up empty-handed…  Well, that is if you don’t take their own dicks into consideration.  I’m not making ageist statements here.  Just factual ones.

But seriously, I’ve never looked at a bath as a place to relax or sleep:  It’s a place to have some fun, get off, get laid and then get out.  This isn’t Europe where baths have full-service eateries and encourage people to linger.  Steamworks is unapologetic in its endeavor and well-designed for sex.  It’s brimming with that sort of pent-up energy.  It’s why I enjoy it so much, as everyone knows what they’re there for.  No pretense.  No bullshit games.  It’s also why I dislike baths like The Club in Houston.  Sure, it’s a facility where money was spent and it’s clean, but it’s also incredibly boring.  The whole place just screams out bland.  If you didn’t know better, you might think that you were accidentally staying in a hostel where everyone had magically decided to wear white towels.  No thank you…  Not my style.

Back to my adventure: I had been there for awhile and while the club was picking up, I didn’t really see anything there that piqued my curiosity (edit: Thanks John!).  My taste in this sort of thing varies a great deal and sometimes goes from one end of the spectrum to another within the time span of a day.  Monday I might have a mindset on finding a 40-something muscle guy to bend me over, while Tuesday has me itching for a compact Asian twink to rim and stick my dick into.  It’s really all across the board with me.  I find a large variety of men attractive (including men who are large!).  When I see what I want, I don’t beat around much in approaching and going in for the kill.  This isn’t date night on The Bachelor after all.  It’s a gay bathhouse.  Let’s keep it real.

I finally spotted who fit the bill (5’6” 120 mid-20s Hispanic tight-bodied twink).  Things went down as I expected them to:  I pinched his nipple (which in non-verbal bath-speak means ‘hey stud, you looking to play?’), he pulled me into a private cubby, I dropped the tight grey speedos I was wearing and he quickly dropped to his knees.  About five minutes into the blowjob he was giving me, I felt something large slapping against my leg.  Looking down, I realized that this guy was a fucking tripod, with what appeared to be a 9” cock that had no problem getting and staying rock solid (as is not always the case with guys who are ‘gifted’ with being well-hung).

*sounds of tires screeching* Hold the phone.  Houston, we sure-as-fuck don’t have a problem… Plans changed.

See, there’s just something about a muscle-twink with a gigantic tool that gets me on all fours faster than you can imagine.  I can’t diagnose the fetish specifically, but I’m sure it has something to do with the thought of a compact body and the massive appendage attached.  I immediately pulled the kid up, turned my ass into him and arched my back in what appeared to be an effective and somewhat ‘80s-esque Kathleen Turner impression.  It didn’t take him long to get back on his knees and work my ass over with his tongue.  After lots of lube, some noises that may have sounded like a wounded beagle and a wonderfully available Magnum, I got what I wanted.  In return, he seemed to get exactly what he wanted too…  That is, if you consider a raging orgasm and his mouth full of my cum to be something goal-oriented.

Quick shower.  Change back into clean clothes.  Outta Steamworks in time to easily catch a cab back to my Gold Coast hotel.


Can the line of questioning on my Q&A Formspring page get any wackier? I sure hope so and thanks to everyone, both registered and anonymous, who have taken the time to submit.  I’m up to 250 questions answered.  Definitely looking forward to more, while always keeping the mood light and fun.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the site yet, click on the icon below to link over:



Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July holiday weekend.  I’ll be spending my time on the East coast, where temps are lower and trotting around in Speedos doesn’t mean an almost-instant sunburn.  The BN Summer Fling Tour then continues with July appearances in NYC, Chicago, Miami, Paris, Buenos Aires and some beachy areas of SE Asia.  I’m keeping a promise to visit P-town as well before their season ends.  Just don’t want to deal with it during some crazy circuit weekend.  Not my scene.

It’s been awhile, so you know what to do.  Click it.  You’ll be glad you did…

Oh, and one more quick thing:  For those keeping track, through eating clean, supplementing and gymming it, I’m down to where I want to be.  6-8% body fat.  WHOOHOO!  For the first time in my life, I’m just about happy with where my body is at.  It’s one thing for a guy who’s 5’10 to get into shape, but something else entirely when you’re pushing 6’4″ and wanting to build.  I’m at a lean and ripped 195lbs right now and feel terrific.  Just had to share.  Keep track of my photoblog for up to date self-pics.


Adios buckaroos.  Till next time,