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May 2011

The show is over and Kylie Minogue has left the building…  GOODNIGHT LAS VEGAS!


Spending the next days working on a new edition, as well as generally getting myself ready for another summer of staying acquainted with Admirals Clubs around the world.   I’ve been spending the last week getting some personal issues in order, but things are looking up and I’m ready to roll.  I’ve got a review for the newest hotel in Vegas coming atcha (The Cosmopolitan), as well as some entertainment gossip from my sources on the Strip.  It’s going to be a fun read.

The BN Q&A continues to grow, now encompassing over 100 answers in just under a month.  Thanks to everyone for submitting and keep the chatter coming.  Here’s the address if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.  Also, I’ve been getting emails about 15mm linking to an older edition from April 2010.  Here’s the correct link for those of you bookmarking: