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February 2011

Smathers Beach, Key West FL.

From Key West to Los Angeles, I’m spending this week on the West coast, doing a quick run to Las Vegas for Cher’s last show on Saturday and home to San Antonio on Sunday night.  I’ll be working on a new post while flying around the country and upload late this weekend.  The one thing I will touch on for sure in this next edition is the sudden flood of escort blogs to the internet that live to chronicle the seedier side of this business…  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but they obviously find an audience- even if it’s just people waiting for the eventual car wreck.

We’ll talk more about that later.  *wink*

If you haven’t yet bookmarked my on-going photoblog, you’re missing out on exclusive photos like this one:

It’s updated several times daily and gives you a small glimpse of my crazy life.  CLICK HERE for more.  I’m considering consolidating all of my online presence with a Facebook page, but haven’t really decided yet.  I’m sort of done with Twitter.  Just not enough space to get a point across.  I’ll likely delete that account in the next couple of weeks.  Blog/Photoblog will remain around for sure.  If I can customize a Facebook page the way I’d like, you’ll soon be able to ‘friend’ Benjamin Nicholas.  When that happens, I’ll post up here.