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February 10, 2011

Every time I’m in LA, I must remind myself that what I see around me isn’t real…

Don’t get too attached to the weather, the food, the shopping, the ridiculous amount of great hotels.  It’s just a city that revolves far too much around the film industry, inviting that facade of long-lasting glamour which usually turns out to be nothing more than a cheap, temporary high.  Perhaps my judgment of the city is a little harsh, but at times LA does seem a little, well…  Incestuous.  I choose that word because with the entertainment business, if you’re not an agent, you’re trying to get one.  If you’re not an actor/model, then you’re waiting tables until you get your big break.  If you haven’t sold a script, you’re papering offices all around town in the hopes of doing so.  Everyone is either involved with the industry or wants to be, desperately.  After awhile, it simply becomes this circle jerk of ridiculous proportions.  That’s LA.

All negativity aside, they do have lovely weather, large (gaudy) houses and are close to the ocean.  There are few others places in the world where you can randomly be doing cardio next to Larry King and his newest child bride.  I mean, if that’s not a selling point, what is?

I was asked by email the other day if I was experiencing any kind of financial fallout from the turn in the economy.  While I can’t say that I am (thanks to my incredible exclusive group of guys), I do know of many working guys who are currently taking on part-time jobs to supplement their escort incomes.  Interesting how it’s now turned around:  Once upon a time, guys would supplement their day jobs with hooking on the side.  I fear the economy isn’t going to get any better for the hourly escort anytime soon and with many guys going bargain-basement on their rate, it’s all hurting the industry in a long term way.  If you drive down the rate, you’re only going to attract the wrong kind of client, as well as the worst kind of escort.  I don’t always agree that with high rate comes a higher quality, but if you do your homework and not only look at the bottom-line price, you usually can’t go wrong.

It all sort of reminds me of what a friend and former well-known San Antonio escort once said:  ‘You don’t go to the flea market to buy Prada.’ He had a point.  Many guys out there seem to be in full-on complain mode about not getting 110% when paying rock bottom rates…  While I have no comment on the rate structure itself, I can’t say I’d be shocked if I got a hit and run from someone advertising a $50 special.  The days of ‘a find’ on Craigslist are over.  If you want quality, you’re going to have to pay for it.

In the past several months, I’ve noticed an uptick in escorts starting their own blogs, going full-bore on writing first-person accounts of their sexual work and even passing judgement on those who they see.  While I’ve done my own sharing of personal sexual exploits here on 15mm, not once have I spoken about what happens with my guys behind closed doors.  I think there’s a fine line between blogger titillation and invasion of privacy/professionalism.  In what I do, I’m not here to judge those I see, but to simply make the most of my time with them.  My main concerns are mutual comfort, safety and that the person I’m spending time with knows I’m always capable of handling any situation.  I know the level of client I’m dealing with and offer the according kind of care.

While I know not everyone is suited to the specific type of escort that I am, let me advise anyone reading this that you can never do too much homework on who you’re attempting to spend time with.  Pictures only tell a small fraction of the story.  Don’t be sold so easily.  Reviews and communication demeanor can quickly let you know if you’re wisely spending your money on Mister Right.  99.9% of the time, the horror stories I hear could have been easily avoided if the person simply would have followed gut instinct and done some research.  All that glitters is not gold.  Don’t think for a second that some of the guys in this business with the most beautiful bodies aren’t secretly dying inside due  to a disease they either refuse to acknowledge or get diagnosed.

And please don’t fallback on the ‘well, we’re using condoms’ argument:  Condoms break, slip and aren’t 100% effective.  What is effective is complete honesty about one’s health status.  When you’re selling yourself, it’s the only right way to run things.

I’m headed to Manhattan tomorrow for the beginning of Fashion Week, where I snagged a seat at Marc Jacob’s show, as well as a few other more theatrical clothing designers.  If there’s one up and running, I’ll try to sneak into the Project Runway finale, but that’s dependent on how much bullshit I can put up with from the event’s producers.  Yes, they’re all very nice people outside of the tent, but once it’s showtime, tempers flare.  I like keeping things a whole lot more relaxed.

It’ s likely I’ll catch a preview of the train-wreck known as Spiderman.  I don’t think there’s much there to like, but I’m all for seeing what the hell Julie Taymor has spent $70 million on.  Brooke Shields has a show at Feinstein’s, so I might head over to see that too.  Believe it or not, she’s quite a good cabaret performer.  Great stories and a real charmer.

Look for real-time pics posted up online as I scour the city on the photoblog.  I’m back to San Antonio on Sunday and headed right to Las Vegas early next week.   I got a decent amount of email over possibly deleting the twitter account, as Facebook allows so little privacy when it comes to full names of ‘friends.’  I’m going to do a little more research and keep the lines of communication open on this one.  My twitter feed remains, but I’d like to replace it with something a lot more functional in the near future.  Also, I apologize for not updating the Eye Candy feed more frequently, but it’s been slim pickings for good stuff lately.  I’ll make sure to get something posted there in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading.  Stay warm 🙂