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September 19, 2010

Yup.  I’m rockin’ the bottle and back to blond.

Just a quick update today in-between doing some seriously kick ass hiking in remote New Mexico:  I was once again happy to find that I had a new set of reviews posted from two very fantastic guys.

BN on MaleEscortReview

BN on Daddys Reviews

I’m here for another day, headed back to San Antonio for a day and then leaving for the Seychelles for about a week.  Hope to snap some fun beach-sand, swimwear photos there for the blog, as well as just lay back and relax.  It takes two whole days to get to the island, but once you’re there, it’s incredible.  Most secluded beaches, amazing places to stay and water so clear, it’s like looking into a glass pool.  Only downer is that it takes about 35 hours of travel to get there.

A quick thanks to the mound of supportive email I got from that last post:  I knew it felt right to bring it to the surface and that particular escort is now on-notice for his stupidity.

Lots of people asking me how I’m getting into the best shape I’ve ever been, what supplements I’m on, workout routines, etc…  Look for a full rundown of that and more on the next post.  Until then, enjoy this snapshot of my current body of progress.  Just a little more cut, perhaps another 5-8lbs of muscle and I’ll hit my stopping point.

I just added a slew of new pics to the Google Gallery, found by clicking HERE. You can also follow my travels (and usually shirtless, muscular mischief) on my daily updated photoblog.