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September 15, 2010

Main point:  When you’re selling yourself, your health is your greatest concern and commodity.  Without it, you’re a racehorse… No matter how prized… running on a broken leg.  Not only are you doing harm to yourself, but possibly to all others you sleep with.  Why is this so tough for some escorts to comprehend?

I recently got word that the same escort I’ve warned others against here in the past is still playing cloak & dagger with his HIV+ status.  Sure, he’s a handsome guy with a relatively vocal base of followers, but it really doesn’t matter, as he shouldn’t be escorting in his current state of health to begin with.  It’s irresponsible.  It’s deceptive.  It’s wrong. You can excuse his behavior by using any flimsy, see-through, pie-in-the-sky excuse you’d like, but at the end of the day, would YOU like to be the client who somehow finds out his escort was HIV positive when you were told otherwise?  The client who now has to worry about his family, his children, his whole life that was put into the hands of a ‘trustworthy’ escort for a simple weekend of fun.  It’s a shitter of revelation.

The only advice I can offer to my readers is simple: Just because who you may fuck with is irresponsible and careless with their own life doesn’t mean you have to be.  Always play safe.  Assume the best, but prepare for the worst.  Don’t let some asshole who’s thrown away his life convince you, unwillingly, to throw away yours.

And as for the asshole who I’m talking about, because I know you’re reading this, be warned that if this continues to happen, I’ll not only post your name and pictures here on 15mm, I’ll also make sure this info spreads wide onto the internet.  I can call in favors.  It would be my extreme pleasure watching you fall…  Luckily, the drop from a gogo box isn’t that far.

… On a totally separate, but HIV-related note, it looks like my info on Mason Wyler finally found its way to the surface of the gay media cesspool.  I’d like to say I-told-you-so on this one, but it’s too depressing to even go there.  For those who aren’t informed, it seems that in addition to being HIV and Hep C+, Mason was trolling sites like Manhunt and Adam4Adam in search of raw sex.  What makes it even worse is that his profile clearly stated he was HIV negative (when he knew otherwise).  Classy, huh?

I wonder how many people this twerp infected?  It’s people like him that make me understand why many in the straight community hate us.  I would never wish this kind of infection on anyone, ever, but can’t muster up the sympathy to feel any kind of sorrow for Wyler.  He’s made his bed…  And perhaps ruined the lives of others in the process.

What the hell is wrong with young gay men?  AIDS is not a manageable disease.  It’s still killing people. Wake the fuck up.