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March 2010

Dearest Readers-

My sincere apologies for not keeping in-touch and writing more, but spending this week in the beachy confines of Key West should inspire some prose of a highly sexual (or at least shirtless) nature. Spring Break is upon the island, meaning loads of hot, ‘straight,’ muscular guys walking around in various states of undress… Yes, the very same straight guys who post ads on Craigslist Key West every night looking to hook up while their girlfriends are too drunk at Louie’s Backyard to notice.

Whether you agree or disagree, it’s a hedonistic spot. What’s best is that you can easily just observe or partake fully, depending on your demeanor.

Last night is somewhat of a blur. It’s been awhile since doing the ‘no eating, more drinking’ routine, but thanks to friends down here, I made it home safe and had a great time. Lucky for me, I ended up in my own bed this morning, alone and fully clothed. The island is far too small for me to be that dastardly on my first night in town.

I’m saving the barefoot, shirtless (and more) debauchery for tonight 😉

Just gotta say: WTF Oscars? You give it to Bullock? Great acceptance speech Sandy, but this was Meryl’s year. Boo.

More to come this week. Full 15mm posting, as well as new editions of Eye Candy. I’m constantly updating my TWITTER feed, as well as my real-time photoblog. While you’re waiting and if you’ve seen every pic I’ve got to offer, check out this new website I stumbled across recently…

It’s a roulette wheel of video chat with people from all over the world. Interesting concept and if you’ve got a speedy internet connection, it’s a fun way to waste a whole lot of time. Loads of hot Brazilian guys on there (although it’s not specifically a sex site). Fun way to meet people. Check it out.