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March 2010

Let’s start things off with a reader request. I’ve been meaning to get this posted up, so in the tradition of Greydon Carter and Vanity Fair Magazine’s ‘My Stuff,’ here’s a quick look at a little of what makes me tick:

Benjamin Nicholas ‘My Stuff’

Favorite art: Modern/Contemporary. Keith Haring, Warhol, Basquiat.
Sheets: Pratesi.
Mattress: Duxiana.
Coffee-maker: Nespresso Le Cube.
Where do you live? San Antonio, TX, but travel more than 320 days a year.
Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Square One (Key West, FL) and Sarabeth’s (NYC).
Favorite cocktail? Sapphire and tonic, extra lime.

Blackberry or iPhone? I’ve had both, but am currently rocking a Blackberry Tour. It blows.
Favorite charity? Any charity who doesn’t completely devalue your contributions.
Jeans: Diesel and Momotaro.
Underwear: D&G;, Aussiebum, Diesel, 2Xist.
Sneakers: Converse by Varvatos. Jeremy Scott for Adidas (Keith Haring hightops)
T-Shirt: James Perse.
Tank-top: Hanes premium (in white) and CIN-2 (their ‘pop’ line).

Favorite discovery? Jo Malone candles are incredible and my 101-uses for GoldBond powder.
Necessary extravagance? Daily workouts. Frequent vacations. My FleshJack.
Workout supplements: Nitrix (vaso-dilator), Xpel (diuretic), Diablo (fat burner).
Shampoo: Kerastase and Ojon. Bumble & Bumble’s ‘Sunday’ shampoo once-a-week.
Lube: Gun Oil (cream-J/O formula) and Swiss Navy (silicone).
Condoms: Non-lubed Magnums and Durex Avanti Bare (poly-based)
Moisturizer: Olay Regenerist and ReVive.
Hair product: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.
Toothpaste: Marvis.
Soap: Fresh (sugar-lemon).
Where do you get your hair cut? Haven’t gotten a cut in 6 months. Letting it grow. Last haircut was an overpriced trim at Encore (Las Vegas).

This is where I want my hair again. Probably another 3-4 months.

Another edition of 15mm and another Las Vegas adventure to share: I spent the last couple weeks exploring the new City Center project recently opened in Las Vegas and came away not thrilled, but looking forward to what it will offer as a whole when it’s 100% complete. Admittedly, it’s beautiful design (if not a little antiseptic). The three current hotels that are open for business within City Center are Aria (the largest hotel, located in the back of the complex), Vdara (a mixed condo-hotel project that’s keen on being ‘green’ and eco-friendly) and The Mandarin Oriental (where I stayed).


I was able to tour a couple of the Sky-Suite rooms at Aria during my visit, getting a feel for the contemporary vibe of Aria, but not understanding the serious lack of views (from large, unwashed windows), service (does anyone at MGM actually smile?) and overall design. It’s like they wanted to go hip & cool, but they ran out of money midway through construction. What it really felt like was an upper-level room at a Trump property: Completely bland with little personality and in need of a few cocktails.


Vdara wasn’t much more impressive, with small room layouts, appliances that didn’t work in the room and a tub/shower/toilet combo that somewhat frightened me. The high point of Vdara is complimentary, VERY fast wireless internet and that it’s a totally smoke-free property.

The Mandarin Oriental was a whole different ballgame: Mandarin’s are in the same league as Peninsula and Jumeriah properties. It’s a chance to experience true Asian service quality while enjoying the insanity of the strip just outside. As one of Vegas’s few non-gaming hotels, Mandarin is a haven of peace, quiet and solitude… So basically, if you’re looking for that typical clanging of slot machines, yelling from the craps pit and dodging large groups of foreign tourists, this isn’t the place for you. It’s probably the first full-service hotel on the strip that I would truly consider ‘away from it all’ and peaceful.

I smile at the current web discussions regarding escorting and rate structure, considering the state of the economy. It’s odd that some guys think the high-end business has all but dried up and that everyone is willing to negotiate way down just to get work. Let me put the lid on that myth folks: People still have money- lots of it- and they’re spending it as if nothing is wrong with the world. The funny thing about money is that no matter how much you think you have, there’s always someone out there who’s got more… A lot more.

Got an email the other day from a San Francisco-based
escort who was going to be in San Antonio and wanted to get together ‘for coffee.’ Now, don’t get me wrong. I love caffeine as much as the next guy, but based on what I know of this escort, it’s just his way of saying ‘let’s fuck’ without sounding like a slut.

So, I said no. No thanks, actually, but no less of a no in this case. It’s not that I’m anti-sex outside of escorting, but there’s just something unsavory about escorts who are constantly on the hunt for sex with other working guys outside of the office. Even with protection- and, trust me, there are many ‘name’ escorts out there who don’t play safe, both professionally and in private– there’s still calculated risk. Any number of STDs can be transmitted, some you won’t ever recover from, even if you wear a condom. Why in the world would I want to jeopardize my good health, my insurance policy and my client’s well-being for a quick fuck with someone I know nothing about?

Honestly, it’s almost as insipid as allowing a client to film your encounters for his ‘private collection.’ Trust me kids: Gay men can have intolerable ego at play and if you’re a hot (or, what he considers hot) young guy, the vids will somehow, some way, see the light of day. That’s a guarantee. Don’t be dumb.

… And speaking of being a total slut, it reminds me of my more promiscuous days and one of my favorite sex stories. It was one of the few times I knowingly hooked up with two other guys for a group session that ended up being one of the hottest nights of sex (well, okay, hardcore fucking) I’ve ever had.

One guy was insanely tall. Taller than me. Around 6‘4“, perfect alabaster skin tone and built like a brick wall (230lbs- worked out). I got into the room and immediately thought based on his height and muscle that both my friend and I would end up with our asses in the air at some point during the night. I was dead wrong: The guy turns out to be massive bottom, as was my friend, so I ended up doing a quiet happy dance while fucking the living hell out of them both, back and forth, for almost 4 hours. The other guy, my friend, was the perfect bottom, had done porn before and came prepped and ready to play. He’s about 6′ tall, thin, swimmer’s build. Super tanned, smooth skin. The hottest part of watching this whole scene happen was the difference in our respective coloring. Super white-white skin up against a perfectly tanned, golden-bronze. He’s also the kind of guy who gets a little cock crazy, doesn’t want a lot of foreplay and prefers his top to just unzip and slam it in until he (or you) is ready to squirt. You’ve got to really expertly edge him or the hot bottom you were looking forward to fucking all night long ends up popping far too quickly. Not cool.

So, after a few hours of sex- stopping, restarting, talking, laughing- and more fucking, I was ready to get the show on the road: The cumshot ended up being insane and I shot both of them in the face with a couple of good ropy streams of nut. One of the hottest nights of sex I’ve had (and the first time I’ve shared the story with anyone since it happened).

Just one of many good memories I have. Maybe there will be more to come in future postings: It’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten raunchy around here. Perhaps the place could use a little more scandal on the walls.


Now, it’s back to the pool to continue work on a base tan. Here in Key West until the weekend, then jumping back over the Atlantic for some time in Europe and the end of the month will be on an Atlantis cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore. Keep an eye on the photoblog and Twitter for the latest on what I’m up to and always feel free to shoot me an email if you’ve got suggestions, comments or anything to say. Much appreciated guys.