In keeping with my tradition of writing sporadically, it seemed like it was the right time to update things and give some perspective into my rather as-of-late madcap life. The past month only allowed me 4 days at home in San Antonio, so updating 15mm was honestly not high on my list of priorities, although always thought about with feverish appetite. I appreciate that my readers keep coming back and promise them more regular updates, even if the content isn’t quite as lengthy. As I’ve said before, I’d like to turn this site into a more traditional blog with snippets of life, daily, rather than a weekly/bi-weekly posting that reads like a homosexual War & Peace…

I spent the last few days installing a new A/C compressor, as well as repairing a blower unit in my loft. Not that that’s exactly exciting news, but it did make for a nice change of pace, staying at home and basically getting the chance to be ‘normal.’ As I continue to keep a very healthy travel schedule (on pace to travel more than 350,000 miles this year), I am thankful that even with the change in the economy, my life hasn’t changed one bit. If anything, my circle has gotten a bit bigger and my travel at an all-time high.

This photoblog that I’ve started is really starting to get fun for me: It’s an easy way to snap, upload and share my life. Haven’t checked it out? CLICK HERE (and bookmark the link for future visits).

My Twitter page continues it’s downward spiral into my immediate thoughts: Read at your own risk, as some of it is a little unfiltered (what, me?) and caustic. CLICK HERE (and, again, bookmark it).

As I get ready to turn 28 later this month, I look back at the last six years of escorting and think about how much I’ve survived, weathered and worried about (mostly for nothing): What it’s all taught me is that learning to deal with people is a skill that counts most in life. I’ve cut out a lot of crap, learned not to fight battles that aren’t worth winning in the first place and have come out the other side with a better idea of who I am. As an outsider looking in at many of my ‘industry’ websites, it’s clear that, for some, the child will never grow up. They snipe, gripe and groan about the very people they wish to attract. How incredibly sad and ultimately, counterproductive to their cause.

No, I’m not a leopard wanting to change his spots… This isn’t my swan-song about finding God, who I really am and wanting to hold hands and sing. Fear not fair readers, as I haven’t lost that sarcastic undertone that’s made me the SOB I can sometimes be: I simply have grown-up into a young man who realizes that with most things in life, you can’t sweat the stress you can’t immediately change.

The hot-button issues on my mind now are things I’ve preached against for ages, but it seems that very few wish to listen and learn…

* Escorts who hide their HIV status while continuing to work… and bareback.
* Escorts who openly declare being drug-free while using/selling/smuggling to their addict clients and friends.
* Fat women who insist on wearing anything with spandex in it.
* Ed Hardy clothing: The official clothing line of douche bag posers everywhere

I’ve resisted naming any names for awhile, but the double-standard at play within the industry is staggering: I’ve watched several known offenders be quietly swept under the rug, allowed to continue their dangerous game, while others have been very publicly tried, convicted and hung for far less. It’s time that stops.

A word of warning to the wise: I’ve got eyes and ears all over this industry, a stable of people who constantly feed me reliable information and I will no longer hesitate to cross that line. There needs to be some degree of accountability, even in a fringe industry like this one, for guys who choose to knowingly endanger their clientele. I’m tired of sitting by the wayside and watching people (some of whom I know personally) get hurt in ways that could alter their lives forever.

Aside from the seriousness of the statement above, I continue to plan on regular Eye Candy postings, daily updates to both Twitter and my Photoblog and an occasional upload to my Google Gallery (click HERE if you haven’t checked it out in awhile).

Time to muscle up at the gym and work on this tan. More updates soon,



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