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June 2004

Location: Hong Kong… Home… Vegas tomorrow.

Yo, Yo Homedogs. By the looks of the above pic, you’d think i’d turned into one of those shirtless street thugs. A hot thought perhaps, but just fooling with my webcam today and thought i’d snap a few. As others have said before, the hat in the pic is my favorite and wherever i travel, it’s right at my side… or on my head, as the case may be.

Hell, my hat has logged more frequent flyer miles than most travel agents out there. *grin*

Currently, i’m gearing down from a long trip back from Hong Kong (the city of lights, gambling and underground porn) and gearing up for a trip to Las Vegas tomorrow (the city of lights, gambling and Elvis impersonation). I plan on spending some quality ‘Speedo’ time by the Bellagio pool, testing the threeway-waters with Chantler West and walking the streets of a city that never stops going. I was hoping to catch Gladys Knight at the Flamingo again, as my first experience seeing her live was nothing short of magical. The perfect night, the perfect company and she put on one helluva show. She took the ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ all the way to Vegas where she’s stayed put with a permanent show. Definitely some hot stuff.

So, i’ve finally added some self-video to my YAHOO GROUPS site. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I plan on adding additional footage in the near future that will include underwear, muscle and foot fetish. For those readers not members of this free groups, just click HERE to sign up pronto.

… A quick congrats to the contestants who competed in this year’s IML in Chicago. From what my sources told me, the night was full of surprises and the competition some of the best ever. Also a big congrats to the fellas who won their respective ‘Grabbies’ this year. Two gay award shows in Chicago back-to-back? I can’t imagine what naughty things the hotel maids found when cleaning rooms on a daily basis… *grin*

Okay dudes, as always, here is this edition of the FREE WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK SITE, sponsored this week by fellow former escort (and current hottie) SANDIEGOBOY Davey and European ‘scort studmuffin Stef Lacoste…. MEN ON THE NET’s Erotic Story Archive. Technically, it’s not pic porn, but it’s totally free and with a little imagination it’s a great way to take care business. The archive is categorized for easy reading and has a good selection of subjects guaranteed to pop a few corks along the way. I’ve personally been using this site for about a year now and it just keeps getting better with each upload. If descriptive wording and HOT stories tend to turn you on, this is the primo free site on the web for you.

Well, it’s that time again: Gymtime. I’m headed out for an abs class that promises to wake me up sore tomorrow, so until next entry, thanks again for tuning in and upcoming pics of my sinful ways in Sin City are all but on the way.