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June 2004

Location: San Antonio…

Can we talk? Good. Just as i’m getting over this bout of being sick, the call comes and extends my vacation-time even moreso. The dreaded cancellation. July must be a marked month, as i’ve already had 3 of my guys drop out. Perhaps it’s that new cologne i’ve been wearing (wait a sec, i don’t wear cologne) or maybe it’s a posted bad review that’s been killing my schedule (BAD REVIEWS? Moi?). Who knows. Escorting works in ebb & flow, but luckily i’ve always had my time filled to the brim… Maybe this is someone’s way of letting me know i need a little time away with my partner. *shrugs*

In any event, i got an awesome call from fellow escort Bobby Thompson the other day wishing me well. Thanks so much B. I haven’t gotten back to you, but i know you’re having a blast in NYC while vacationing from LA LA Land. Count on a call from me in the coming days. Maybe we can meet up, as i’m headed to NYC in mid-July.

Question: How much trust do you put into your time-tested escort? I’m amazed by how much time i can spend with someone, getting to know them and being totally comfortable on both sides, then finally figure out that his trust isn’t as strong as i had thought. I got trust-checked today in an email, which took me by surprise, and now i feel somewhat distant towards this fella. If anyone out there has any thoughts on this subject or their own story, shoot me an email and let’s talk.

Golden Gossip Gem of the Day: What two Hollywood brothers rely on their United Talent agents to scope out the very latest in pay-for-play boydom? These fellas have starred seperately on-screen in everything, from comedy to drama, but their secret is slowly leaking from the airtight bounds of Beverly Hills. As for their habits in the bedroom? Threeways, keeping it a family-affair, is what they prefer…

Well, with that, it’s time to wrap things up. As always expect blog postings on Fridays, but with a concerted effort for mid-week uploads as well. Thanks for tuning in guys. Be well.