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January 2004

Location: London and San Antonio

It’s always an ‘experience’ in London.

I just happened to be at a Saturday evening performance of Jerry Springer: The Opera and who did i bump into? Joan ‘plasticity’ Rivers of all people. She was very charming, talkative and in-town to host nominations for one of many film awards in the UK. The highlight was watching her cackle ‘Hey look, it says CRACKWHORE’ when she got a button that was being passed out after the show. Unfortunately, i didn’t have the balls to ask her for a picture, so here i

am kicking myself for missing that opportunity. MERD!

Second celebrity sighting: Ewan McGreggor, Jessica Lange, Graham Norton and Tim Burton at the European Premier of ‘Big Fish’ in Leister Square. I stood there like some sick paparazzi member with my camera firmly mounted and ready to shoot. It was fun and the celebs in good moods, most stopping to sign and take pictures. Controlled chaos is mighty fun sometimes…

We got a bit cheeky and spent some time in London’s resident 24-hr sauna, The Pleasuredrome. Picture it: A recent 200,000 pound rennovation, spotless facilities, beautiful british boys and everyone with a serious hunger for hardcore sex. Not too shabby, eh? It was pretty surprising, but most there that night were young, hung and in great shape. Definitely a place to go if you’re into the fratboy/twink types. Decent porn playing on plasma-screens all around the place and an underlying feeling of total decadence. Needless to say, i didn’t go to bed early that night and played into the wee hours of the AM. There seemed to be a direct tube line from Heaven to the Pleasuredrome, as faces familiar to the club poured into the ‘drome all night.

I honestly wanted to take some pics of the place (and the boys hanging around) to share on my YAHOO GROUPS site, but they confiscated my camera. Not cool, but worth a try anyway.

My next adventure might possibly take me down to Sao Paulo. Brazil’s loads of fun and i’ll be sure to capture something of the trip on film. Brazillian boys are known for a few things and being shy isn’t one of them 😉

Exhibitionism is so hot. *evil grin*